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Mark Vs Onjeh: Why You Must Vote For Continuity, By Sunday Akoji


Mark Vs Onjeh: Why You Must Vote For Continuity, By Sunday Akoji



mark onjeh

Ringing The Charges:

Senator George Akume was Governor of Benue state for 8 straight years from 1999 to 2007 under the PDP.

In 2007 he retired to the Senate as Senator under the PDP.

In 2011, Senator George Akume fell out with his PUPPET, Gabriel Suswam who he planted as Governor. This led to George Akume leaving the PDP for the ACN, under which he contested for the Senate for a second term from 2011 to 2015.

In 2015, George Akume contested for the Senate under the platform of the APC and he returned as Senator for a record 3rd term after serving as Governor for 8 years.

The George Akume I know, will contest for Senate again for a 4th term in 2019. Watch the space!

George Akume has always maintained a tight grip on who becomes the Governor of Benue state. He has successfully selected his stooges as successors since he left Government House, Makurdi as Governor. His recent PUPPET is Mr Sam Ortom who have served in various capacity as self confessed Motor park Tout aka Agbero, PDP National Auditor, Minister for Trade & Investment and Minister of Aviation under the PDP before he was anointed as Puppet Governor under the APC by his godfather, Senator George Akume.

Over the weekend, the entire APC apparatchiks moved their National Secretariat to Otukpo riding on federal might and braggadoccio to attend the coronation of Senator George Akume’s latest stooge, one Daniel Onjehas the Senator representing Benue South senatorial district.

During the mock coronation at a well attended jamboree with rented crowd organised by the ruling party at the state and federal level of governance, Governor Sam Ortom called on Distinguished Sen David Mark to quit and withdraw from contesting the rerun election as he has been in the Senate for too long.

Perhaps the Benue State Jegudujera governor must have been afflicted with transient amnesia, otherwise he would have realised that his godfather, Senator George Akume who have no visible legacy of service to the long suffering Benue people after serving as Governor for 8 years and currently as a 3rd term Senator with his gaze fixed on a 4th term deserves that advise more than Senator David Mark.

Make no mistake about it, Senator George Akume has always envied David Mark, and there is no love lost between the duo. George Akume who was Governor of Benue state for 8 years and has no single legacy project in the entire Idoma land cannot attempt to rewrite history by using his PUPPET to blame David Mark for the woes of the Idoma Nation. Even in the senatorial district where George Akume was voted thrice as Senator, he has zero legacy. The layman on the street cannot even boast of being the beneficiary of stomach infrastructure from Akume, but yet they’ve voted him thrice as senator representing Benue Zone B Senatorial district.
In the same vein, Zone “A” has nothing to say either about what it means to have a Senator for the last 16 years. They only see their political tingods during electioneering campaigns and the ensuing jamboree where the people are sold sugar coated lies and whatever can guarantee their mandate.

Truth be told, the rivalry between David Mark and George Akume runs deep. Akume is the leader of the APC in Benue state, and Mr Daniel Onjeh is the puppet George Akume is trying to use to settle old scores with Mark.

They have concocted all sort of tales by moonlight to demonise David Mark and push him out as senator. The Idoma nation will vote for him again, because he has done his job well, and has performed far better for his people than what the two other senators from Benue Central and North Senatorial district have done for their people in the last 16 years.

There must be something about Benue South senatorial district. Since the advent of democracy in Nigeria, the National Chairman of the ruling party has never ever left his beat to go on a campaign jamboree for a senatorial candidate. That tells you the premium the APC places on Benue South senatorial district. The rule of thumb for them is to stop David Mark from coming back as a Legislator by all means possible.

Like I always say, every man mad on the streets has an identity. The moment you touch a mad man, you will know who are his siblings. Perhaps this hypothesis informs the decision of every clan having a non compos mentis Homo Sapiens as gatekeeper. If you kill your mad man, who will defend you when a mad man invades the clan?

The battle line is drawn!

Dateline: February 13th!

It’s going to be a major battle of attrition for the soul of the Idoma Nation and it is a war where major artillery shall be used in combat against major artillery. Brothers shall be up in arms against brothers. There shall be no hostages! Whoever wins it, let him keep the spoils of war!

One day we will stop voting out of sentiments. But right about now,‪#‎IStandWithDavidMark‬ and endorse a vote for KONTINUITY!!!

Permit me to AFFIRM and REAFFIRM:


Vote PDP!!!

Say NO to ‪#‎OnePartySenate‬



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1 Comment

  1. JamesOlowuEnemari

    January 26, 2016 at 11:14 am

    What has David Mark done for the Idoma people

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