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APC and PDP destroyed the Nigerian psyche…..


APC and PDP destroyed the Nigerian psyche…..


By Kelechi Deca

Writing sometime in 1984 in his celebrated column, Dele Giwa noted that Nigerians are unshockable…..that was in 1985… ….

Is it not interesting but funny that those who were at the forefront of gleefully pointing out the failures of our military in the war with Boko Haram say two years ago, are now the ones daily pointing out their successes against the terrorists and calling us all to join in supporting our military ?

And those who were daily posting commendable feats by our military and also questioning our patriotism by campaigning that we show support for our military, are the same people gleefully posting the successful attacks by Boko Haram on a daily basis and inadvertently celebrating the deaths of fellow Nigerians now?

It is self evident that Nigerians chose how and when to be patriotic depending on who occupies Aso Rock and which political party is sharing our Yams.

Have you noticed that many of those who were supporting every actions of government, eulogising every official stand are now the same people bitterly criticising same policies they shamelessly commended few years ago?

And those who shamelessly criticised the policies the former government embarked on few years ago,are now projecting and commending same policies just because a different party is in power and parroting same policies?

What has fundamentally changed in the Monetary Policy you attacked two years ago with the one you are commending now?

What has changed in the Fiscal Policy you are celebrating now with the one you were attacked few years ago.

Sincerely speaking Nigeria has not adopted any major shift that could be called fundamental in both Monetary and Fiscal policies in the last decade. So why the noise?

It goes to show you how malleable Nigerians are and how they lack independence of mind. They can’t think for themselves,their minds are made up depending on what APC and PDP feel.

Nigerians see government policies from the prism of religion,ethnicity and party sympathies.

Why can’t we have more Nigerians that support our military and to some extent criticise and or commend the government irrespective of which party occupies Aso Rock?

Until we set politics aside…..we will not be angry enough to effect the quality of change we need.

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