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APC’s Thirsts For Achievements Is Their Achilles Heels, By George Onmonya Daniel


APC’s Thirsts For Achievements Is Their Achilles Heels, By George Onmonya Daniel


Since they took over power after a fiercely contested election full of promises to the masses, the All Progressive Congress (APC) have been under pressure to perform. In fact they muscled themselves into all of it. It has suddenly dawn on them after all the election rhetorics that some of these promises are utopian and quite a number of them they never meant to fulfill or rather they never really studied the issues before making such bogus promises . Look at the N5,000 monthly unemployment stipends for instance. We campaign in poetry and govern in prose, they say in politics, and now that the people want to hear what the APC are saying in clear language as they have the country at their disposal, the APC still continues to talk in poetry. Poetry is sweet and vague and sometimes full of innuendoes that are meaningless. Prose is plain and you cannot hide anything inside prose when reality struck and we are stuck in reality today.

APC rushed to claim achievements that they have finished Boko Haram after President Muhammadu Buhari gave the security operatives three months dateline to end the insurgency. Lai Muhammad claimed Boko Haram have been so incapacitated that they are incapable of any serious damages. The government even asked people to go back to their villages as everything is safe. #BringBackOurGirls however debunked the claims by demonstrating to Aso Rock and telling the president that until they find the Chibok girls they cannot claim Boko Haram has ended. It turned out #BringBackOurGirls campaigners were right after all. Boko Haram have not ended and not even near an end.

With the spat of attacks recently all over the north east and the high casualty level, it is quite clear that Nigerians are not being told the whole truth as far as the war on Boko Haram is concern. Boko Haram have not just attacked villages, they drove in large numbers and at day or night on their rampage, ravaging villages and killing indiscriminately. In Dalori alone, just about 4 kilometers from Maiduguri, in fact Dalori is almost in Maiduguri now just on the outskirt of the city, 86 were confirmed dead including children and women and hundreds were injured, when the village was burnt down with horrible pictures of children and dead animals littering everywhere and all over the social media.

Nobody is saying this administration is not making effort, but their obsession with achievements and fixation on the past administration is becoming annoyingly sickening. The yardstick for which they measure themselves is the Goodluck Jonathan administration. Some of the people who campaigned for President Muhammadu Buhari are already getting disenchanted with some of the antics of this administration.

Sometimes I wonder if President Buhari sent his men to make these statements on behalf of him or they just went ahead to issue statements without informing the president. Some of these statements are like their campaign promises and you just know whether the APC realizes that it is action time and nobody wants to hear their voice. Let people see the action and if you must talk make sure it is not rambling about Goodluck Jonathan’s era and other excuses.

The thirst for achievement seems to be the APC’s achilles heel. Apart from Boko Haram the national budget for 2016 they presented to the National Assembly and senate is turning out to be a laughing matter. Like a lot of people have advised, the APC must understand that the campaign is over and start doing what they can do within the four years they would be in power. People are tired of these unrealistic poems they want to read prose.




1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Haruna Yusuf Abuja

    February 4, 2016 at 7:44 am

    it’s just a tip of the iceberg.

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