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Governor Oshoko Fayose has said President Muhammadu Buhari has no clue about how to run the country’s economy.

He also advised the President to stop making a noise about his fight against corruption.

The governor also accused Buhari of practising what he called “sectional economy” by spending billions of naira to exploit oil in the North.

Speaking on The Osasu Show posted on YouTube on Friday, Fayose said the All Progressives Congress-led government was acting as if it is still in the opposition.

“My first counsel to the Federal Government is that they should stop the noise about corruption. The Federal Government should face the nation’s economy and build it. The government needs to be sincere about the economy than playing to the gallery.

“You want to diversify and you are taking more than N150 billion to explore oil in the North; that shows a leader that is sectional. When we want to diversify we diversify the country’s economy and not an economy that is sectional.”

He said, “Every war against corruption is welcome by me but in the situation whereby it is selective, political, it will be counterproductive. Cases like Halliburton is in the public domain, we cannot shy away from it.

“People believe that if the President (Muhammadu Buhari) wants to fight corruption he must be total. With due respect, President Buhari is a dictator. They are operating as if they are still in opposition because they don’t have a clue to this economy.

“In my prediction I said that Buhari is still in an analogue stage. He does not have a clue about the economy of Nigeria. The President does not understand economy. He can do everything simultaneously without rocking the boat of the whole country.

“Everywhere there is tension. He goes out of the country and tells the world and investors that the country is corrupt. He destroys his own people; who will come and do business with them?” the governor said.

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