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BUHARI IS OUR PROBLEM, By Amonia Rita Stewart


BUHARI IS OUR PROBLEM, By Amonia Rita Stewart




This incarceration rate of foreigners in prisons in the UK shows the number of how many people per 100,000 of each country that is in jail!!
For example for every 100,000 US citizens in the UK 707 are in Jail… While for every 100,000 Nigerians in UK 32 are in jail.


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Even in the so called Cyber crime Nigeria does not fall within the first twenty!!!

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Highest crime rates in the world Nigeria still does not fall within the first twenty in the UK!!

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In terms of Violent crimes Britain is number one

-This statistics are provided by the BBC. 


The only notable achievement of Buhari since he became president by lies and propaganda is that he travels per second per second to different countries rubbishing the image of Nigeria!!!

In all my years as an adult who is to a large extent current with happenings in my country… I have never seen where a president from another County has come to Nigeria to tell us how bad and useless its citizens are!!!

Buhari since becoming president has chased away foreign investors, people are downsizing workers everyday because of the bad economy, inflation has risen by 21%, the Naira is at its all time low, rule of law is no longer respected, the rate at which Boko Haram attack has increased, any one that is in opposition is hounded and arrested on trumped up charges…..

If Buhari says Nigerians are criminals then he is the NUMBER ONE CRIMINAL .. A man that lied and forged a common high school certificate, a man whom when he lost the 2011 presidential contest his zombies went on a killing spree and killed hundreds, a man who in the history of Nigeria carried out the first attempted kidnapping of Umaru Dikko, a man who threatened the people he wanted to rule that if he loses again Nigeria will be soaked with the blood, a man whom when he was Petroleum Minister 2.8 billion disappeared under his watch, a man whom when he was dictator sent people to their untimely death with his obnoxious decrees, jailing any one who spoke against him, a man whom has called for the killings of the people of the Niger Delta because of its oil rich resources, a man who claimed he borrowed money to buy his presidential form but ended up saying he had 30million, a man whose wife is wanted in the US for bribing a US Senator languishing in jail still In respect of the Halliburton scandal, a man who was indicted in missing billions of the PTF and whose in law died a night before he was to testify against him, a man who claimed Abacha did not steal yet foreign countries have returned unbelievable sums of money that was stolen by Abacha, a man who is presently surrounded with the highest number of thieves in his government ever known in the history of Nigeria!!!!

So pray tell me who is THE CRIMINAL???

We are not saying there are no Nigerians who commit crimes.. But I ask is it only Nigerians who commit crimes?? How many other presidents have gone to other countries to call their citizens criminals???

According to statistics the crime rate of Nigerians is minimally low compared to other countries!!


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