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Bush Meat Restuarant At Kadarko

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Bush Meat Restuarant At Kadarko





On your way to Makurdi, one of the attraction is the bush meat restaurants by the road side at Kadarko, the border town between Nasarawa State and Benue State. Tiv women dominate the bush meat business here. They sell from antelope, grass-cutter, monitor lizard, hare, alligator, Guinea fowl, squirrel, and all sorts of other wild animal.

NEWISSUES spoke to Blessing Mlumum Agabi, a Tiv lady in her mid-twenties, who says she is a final year student of Nasarawa University studying Business Administration. Her mother run one of the restuarants. She said they no longer sell Monkey since the Ebola crisis and they usually don’t include snake in their cuisine but the popular bush meat that almost every Nigerian eat.


“There are some bush meat that a lot of people don’t eat, we don’t include them in our menu at all, meat like Monkey and Snakes.”

When asked how is business generally, Blessing said they thank God. She said the bush meat restaurant business is a good business. “Apart from the food we sell here as you can see people stop by to buy bush meat too.”

When we asked whether the Lassa Fever scare affect the sale of bush meat she said, “No, we don’t sell rat.


For food enthusiast, when you are on your way next to Makurdi it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stop by at Kadarko.

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