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Fulani herdsmen have lincense to kill, By George Onmonya Daniel


Fulani herdsmen have lincense to kill, By George Onmonya Daniel


The only people who can massacre a whole village and get away with it in Nigeria are Fulani herdsmen. The Nigerian authority is blind when it come to this matter. Yesterday these herdsmen attacked Agatu in Benue State killing hundreds of villagers, men, young and old, women and children. It is being reported that over 200 people were killed in this recent spat of senseless orgy, yet this is not headline anywhere.

I bet you if the people of Benue had attacked and killed one Fulani herdsman for whatever reason, it would have been news. This news would have gone viral on social media. I remember a case they claimed happened in Benue where a youth Corp member fought his hijab wearing colleague, it went viral. This is a case of two fighting and it went viral with everybody talking about it but here about 200 hundred people have been massacred in cold blood but nobody is saying anything about it, not even the Benue State government.

What would these murdering Fulani herdsmen  accuse the the Idomas of Agatu of doing now? Stealing their cows? When people in villages in Plateau and neighboring Kaduna State were being massacred by these machine gun and machete carrying Fulani herdsmen, when we complained, some people quickly started up the story that these villagers were cattle thieves. Of all the cattle thieves that were arrested recently and some granted amnesty by the Kano State government, almost all of them are the same Fulani people, some of them knitted in complete army and police regalia and armed to the teeth.

These men were granted amnesty without even investigating their activities. I thought they should have investigated their activities but the Kano State government just granted them amnesty without investigating how they came about the guns and military uniforms.

Some people can get away with whatever in this country. These Fulani herdsmen have gotten away with a lot of massacres all over the Middle Belt. The Nigerian government does not even care about these things. Isn’t this just interesting? They have lincense to kill.

Fulani herdsmen have gotten away with so many massacres, even attacks on police as was reported recently in Taraba State. What is the government doing about it? I don’t know. They aren’t doing anything from what I see. Some of these people have even gone into kidnapping and as far as kidnapping the likes of Olu Falae and having ramsome being paid to them before they were arrested.

Being a Fulani man I expect President Muhammadu Buhari to be on this case and handle it perfectly well. The president himself is a cowboy with many cows in Daura. That he is doing nothing about this and hasn’t even issued a statement on this shows that some people don’t matter much to this country. What is more disgraceful is that Govornor Samuel Ortom of Benue State hasn’t been saying anything about this.


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