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GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT!, By Thomas-Wilson Ikubese


GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT!, By Thomas-Wilson Ikubese


Haven’t you noticed that most people are uptight, putting off having a “good time” til they achieve their goals?

When I was in Grammar School, all of my energy was focused on passing the West African School’s Certificate (W.A.S.C ) examinations.

My thinking was, “if I pass this examination in good grades, I’ll be fulfilled and can then have a good time”!

I worked so hard that I made six distinctions; the best in the Ikorodu local government of Lagos state that year!

But did I give myself a treat thereafter? No!

I soon realised that my six-distinctions was worthless , if I didn’t proceed to a tertiary institution with it.

So again, I started the rat race!

I buried myself in the books as I sat for the Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination.

I passed the examination, scored above average, but not high enough for my course of choice; Medicine/Surgery.

My desperation increased, my “good life” decreased!

The following year, I prepared even harder. Again, I scored higher than the previous year, but not enough for my course of choice.

My desperation increased, my “good life” decreased!

Then came the third year and I registered yet again. I passed the exams and scored enough to gain admission to study my dream course!

Did I give myself a treat? No!

No sooner did I gain admission into the University of Benin Medical School , than I realised that not all who gained admission graduated!

My desperation increased, my ” good life ” decreased!

“If only I can graduate successfully from this tedious school, with a medical certificate, I’ll be fulfilled “…so I’d imagined!

Then, after so much toil, I graduated.

Did I give myself a treat ? No!

The list of “if only…” appears endless at every point!

If only I can get a hospital to do my internship. If only I can establish my own hospital.If only I can raise enough funds to equip my hospital to taste. If only I can get married to the right woman . If only I can have kids. If only I can build my own dream house…If only, if only!

Now I’ve realised that life is a journey, with an infinite destination.

A particular destination is the beginning of yet another journey, for every achievement opens the door for another phase!

So if you tie your “good life” to an achievement, you might never get to give yourself that needed treat.

Determine to enjoy every stage of the journey. Give yourself that treat now. Go for that holiday. Take that break. “Spoil” yourself a little. Enjoy the good life!

Today is the “tomorrow” you worried about yesterday!

Worry less about tomorrow. Work hard and enjoy your labour as you go along for success is a journey and not a destination.

Don’t forget to celebrate every “little” achievement as you go, for that is the “ginger” tonic for the next phase.

You’re a Star, you deserve to shine!

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