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Pray For Yourselves, Work For Nigeria, By George Onmonya Daniel


Pray For Yourselves, Work For Nigeria, By George Onmonya Daniel




The Bible and the Quran, even traditional religion and every other religious book I have studied are very pragmatic. You reap what you sow. There is no two ways about about this. Faith without work is useless. This is absolutely clear. To depend on prayers without reasoning and knowing what to do is foolishness. Sometimes people even pray for the wrong things and for all the wrong reasons. Praying for a hungry man instead of give him food when there is abundant of food is wickedness. That’s what our leaders do. All of them, be it politicians, traditional leaders, even religious leaders. They love to be seen clad in religious costume, wearing a sanctimonious countenance as if it is for real. That many of us are gullible and take this move seriously over and over again is what surprises me. Whenever you throw religion at the typical Nigerian you get him or her off-guard.

Religion is what they use today to commit some of these crimes against us and against our country. When caught they ask for forgiveness and that’s why the laws of the country has stopped working. We cover crimes because of religion, we give people advantage here and there even when they are not qualified because of religion, we vote people into political offices not because of competence but because of religion. Religion is nowadays becoming a curse to Nigeria.

When I see pictures of our leaders splashed all over the internet praying in Saudi Arabia, Israel or even in some glamorous mosque or church inside Nigeria or someplace else, I am moved with paroxysm of disgust. I am telling you my mind. I have always seen religion as personal, let it reflect in your day to day living. Jesus Christ told his disciples that, “Let your light shine so bright that they may see your good work and glorify God in heaven.”

Is the characters of our leaders shinning? If it is shinning you will see it on the roads across Nigeria. How do our roads look like? If it is shinning you would see it on our hospitals and no politician need to run overseas for treatment. When you have the wrong attitude towards your own betterment and your own good, no prayer can change anything. Most times we are our own enemy and it hasn’t got nothing to do with angels and demons. William Shakespeare​ said, “The fault is not in stars but in ourselves.” This is simple philosophy but the problem is that we are more religious than philosophical.

If you want to pray please pray for yourself. Nigerians voted you because they want you to work for Nigeria. Stop covering up your lack of ideas and initiatives with religion. This repeated circus year after year, regime after regime,is not only ridiculous but annoying.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. OnyiaUgochukwuFatai

    February 28, 2016 at 9:50 pm

    Leave the idiot to keep deceiving himself. I blame the people that gave this dullard thier mandate.

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