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The discrepancies in the 2016 Budget!, By Kelechi Deca


The discrepancies in the 2016 Budget!, By Kelechi Deca


kelechi deca

I think trying to pass the blame to Civil Servants for the huge discrepancies in the 2016 Budget by supporters of this government and some in the corridors of power is not only laughable, it is defeatist.

Ministers are suppose to have Executive Assistants, Special Assistants, Personal Assistants, and all sorts of assistants who are specialists in the area of specialization of the ministry.

The Presidency also have specialists in virtually every ministry, and they are telling us they did not see the discrepancies?

At what point did the padding start taking place?

So after the Ministers have concluded with their Budgets, the “witch” civil servants went in the night to pad the budgets.

Whatever happens, whichever way we chose to look at it.

The buck stops at your table sir.

Take responsibility for the shoddy job your assistants did. You appointed them.

Take responsibility because you failed to get your kitchen cabinet to do the needful.

Take responsibility because you dont even have an Economist in your cabinet…..

Take responsibility because you didn’t even see the need to have a Chief Econonic Adviser (CEA)

Take responsibility for not knowing the characters of the men and women you appointed into office to work with you.

Take responsibility for being fooled by the men and women you trusted.

Take responsibility because the bucks stops at your table sir.

Take responsibility because we all told Jonathan to take responsibility.

But above all, learn from this, that a good government is not run by saints anywhere in the world.It is run by sinners who strive very hard to seek the approval of other sinners who are not in government but always pretend to be saints to fool those who are not in government.

Nigerians are closely watching your reaction to this scandal……it will make or mar your government……

It took you 12 years to prepare for this……..

Take responsibility Your Excellency Sir!

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