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Unpresidential tongues vile and disgusting, By Isa Muhammad Jiddah Alfadlah


Unpresidential tongues vile and disgusting, By Isa Muhammad Jiddah Alfadlah




President Muhammadu Buhari and Garba Shehu, SSA on Media to the President


Garba Shehu the presidential spokesman is a parrot, whatever he says is assumed to have been put in his mouth by the presidency, he speaks for Muhammadu Buhari, our President and Commander in Chief.

When Garba Shehu tells citizens living in conflict areas to “own the war against terror and be part of the fight”, let the presidency be reminded to own it as well by watching what it teaches its parrots to say, and how they say it.
It is an insult and betrayal of lack of awareness of what the people are doing and going through to say trash like that.
It makes me feel like cursing Garba Shehu and soiling the integrity of all that his sense of honour is based on.

Garba Shehu, President Buhari’s parrot says bokoharam by its recent attacks and bombings, including attacks that lasted several hours, less than 20 kilometers away from Maiduguri and the Nigerian Army’s 7th Division, bokoharam seeks “cheap media” attention.

It did not come cheap. The hundreds of the dead, wounded, displaced say it did not come cheap to the people.
Is it cheap for the President?

Garba Shehu the president’s unimpressive parrot says the people should “be more vigilant and ready to work with security operatives”.
Pray tell is he that insensitive or just plain stupid? Has the parrot been told about what the people are doing?
Is it the presidency’s position that the citizenry is responsible for quality improvement of intelligence gathered through citizen vigilance and cooperation with security agencies?
It has CLEARLY implied that the citizenry is not vigilant enough, not cooperating enough.
Is it the presidency’s position that the citizenry is collaborating?

Garba Shehu that unremarkable parrot says that bokoharam’s recent attacks are meant to “embarass the government and people”.
Garba Shehu has embarassed himself and his boss the president by uttering these words, nay he has dishonoured himself and the president.

It is not about you mallam Garba nor your boss.
You sound exactly like the last president whose name I would rather not mention because it soils my mouth and mind to even consider this despicable trait of irresponsibility.

No the people were not embarassed, they were killed and wounded, burned alive with their animals and property.
The attacks in Wanori and Dalori lasted several hours without military response, this within 10 to 15 kilometers of Maiduguri and all the military might therein.

I do not hold Garba Shehu responsible for anything. If this was just a matter of Garba Shehu, i would not write a post this long. Garba Shehu deserves no more than the insults reserved for a man of no consequence. The verbal thrashing of a prostitute to a non-paying client.

But Garba Shehu is President Muhammadu Buhari’s parrot.
Garba Shehu has burned our hearts.
Garba Shehu prayed God to comfort the casualties. It is the only sensible thing he said in that press release because his words were no comfort, no comfort at all.

President Buhari, your parrots speak for you. If they continue to talk rubbish, it is your rubbish they will be dispensing.


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