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A Blogger’s Perfect Response To Rotimi Amaechi


A Blogger’s Perfect Response To Rotimi Amaechi




Why I Sacked Nyesom Wike As My Chief Of Staff” – Amaechi

“I told Rivers people, that Nyesom Wike will do nothing as Governor, he’s here to steal money, he was my Chief of Staff. The reason I removed him as Chief of Staff was stealing. It was Chima that influence me to send his name to Goodluck Jonathan to appoint him as Minister. It was Chima, my commissioner of Commerce, who begged that Nyesom Wike was dying of taking alcohol, he was taking so much Whiskey and we needed to save him. Chima asked me to make him a Secretary to the government and I said, “God forbid.” But I removed him because of that corruption, that was the reason why I removed him.”



You claim to sack a man for stealing while he was a mere Chief of Staff in your cabinet and instead of handing him over to the Police, you instead elevated him by appointing him as a Federal Minister!

Does Rotimi Amaechi expect sane Nigerians to believe this cock and bull story? Only drunkards and those perpetually high on codin, Roche, Tramol, Solution, Gum etc will believe this story at the first instance, but even at that, they are definitely going to disbelief this story when they sober up.

I refuse to be insulted, I refuse to be taken for granted, how could a whole Minister tell such illogical stories on National TV?

Before you come here to defend the defenseless Minister’s senseless story, make sure you will make sense and know in your sense that Wike used to be Rotimi Amaechi’s best political partner and ally. Know it in your sense that Amaechi made Wike Local Government Chairman, Chief of Staff, DG Rotimi Amaechi Campaign Organization, Minister of the Federal Republic. While Rotimi Amaechi was in exhale in Ghana, it was Wike who fought on his behalf to ensure he gets Justice.

While It is true that Amaechi made Wike to hold all these positions while they were partners, is it also false for Amaechi to now “appoint” Wike Drunkard in Chief while they are no longer partners?

Cosmos-Damian Obinwa Nwoke

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