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BIAFRA: Why we must listen and talk to the protesters, By George Onmonya Daniel


BIAFRA: Why we must listen and talk to the protesters, By George Onmonya Daniel


In a democracy people have the rights to protest. That includes protest like the agitation for Biafra. The whole thing may look quite unorganized now, but it is evolving day by day and as we start thinking it is all over it starts all over again. The world is watching. We that are not from the area that is Biafra may not care or take the agitators seriously but I tell you there is something quite serious about it and I think the federal government should listen and talk to these people.

The fact is that an overwhelming majority of Igbos are sympathetic to Biafra and the protesters that you would clearly see that if there is a referendum today, I am afraid Biafra would win. The question we must ask ourselves is that why is it that after all these decades after the civil war, Biafra still keeps haunting Nigeria? Nigeria has deliberately refused to ask these questions and seek for answers.

This is the new Biafra. The old Biafra tell you about how war brings death and sorrow, the new Biafra don’t care about these stories of anguish, tribulation and death, they see hope of a new nation. They have an overwhelming diaspora support. This is not about Nnamdi Kanu anymore, it has grown beyond Nnamdi Kanu, before Nnamdi Kanu it was there it will be there after him.

We must ask ourselves the right question, why is it that Biafra has persisted? Nigeria has never been one and is still not yet one. We have a lot of work to do. Our leaders don’t seem to be discussing why Nigeria has refused to be one. Yes, we know these things take time, but we must talk about them because refusing to talk about them only makes it worse.

The new Biafra are young people, most of them weren’t born at that time but like me read about the Nigerian civil war. They look ready and willing to take this as far as it gets. We must talk to them and make them see why we can still build a great Nigeria.

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