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Buhari Beware Your Enemies Are Closing In, By Adebayo Ajaguna


Buhari Beware Your Enemies Are Closing In, By Adebayo Ajaguna


Those of you who have the ears of the president should seriously warn him about the moves of a lady who is currently a director at PTAD, where only recently another Lady who was the DG has just being fired for paying herself N60 million monthly. I understand she was the one that supplied the information to get the DG in trouble so as to pave way for herself.

This funny woman seriously lobbying to take over from the suspended DG, was one of the most vehement critics and abusers of Buhari during the elections. She said so many evil things against the president that I am amazed that she is now seriously lobbying to be a DG in the same government. She has taken down all her ANTI-BUHARI posts on Facebook (a simple Google search will however bring some of them up).

She was appointed by Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as a director at PTAD during the GEJ regime but as soon as GEJ lost she has being chasing after our former (we all used to work together) Oga El-Rufai and other influential figures upandan like a desperado. Madam, we are watching you, we know each other no be today, and we know people like you are dangerous to have around in a government trying to make an impact on people’s lives that you did everything within your power to prevent from coming to power.

It’s time we begin to unmask all these opportunists, your data dey and you are being watched. The one wey you don do don reach Abeg.

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