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CBN Employment Saga and Other Employments Stories, By George Onmonya Daniel


CBN Employment Saga and Other Employments Stories, By George Onmonya Daniel


There is nothing strange about the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) employment saga where over 900 children of who is who in Nigeria were employed without due process. Nothing at all. But it is good that Sahara Reporters exposed it and we are talking about it now. Despite all the hype about ‘due process’, that’s how it has always been. Even the due process we sing about was corrupted from the beginning. They may advertise it, follow all the due process required by law and still do the same thing, employ people who never even participated in the whole exercise. That’s the reality of Nigeria.

Due process doesn’t actually stop much as far as juicy jobs are concerned. You cannot just get employed in certain sections without being connected to some big somebody, sections like NNPC, Customs, Nigerian Defense Academy, etc, and juicy parastatals. Most of those who know nobody and got jobs in these juicy government institutions bought the jobs in kind or cash. This is one of the worse forms of corruption, this is how incompetent people get to control this country and ruin us.

This didn’t start with Buhari or Goodluck Jonathan. It is on this foundation that Nigeria was built. This promotes mediocrity and the wanton abuses we see all over. When people who are intelligent and qualified are not put in place them you must expect chaos and that’s the chaos we have been witnessing since independent.

The Nigeria government must do something urgently about these abuses. People who have first class in Universities should be given automatic employments in areas of their specialization. It would really help the Civil Service. That God we usually have fewer people with 1st Class. Until we get very competent people to run the civil service we will continue to abuse the system bring untold hardship on our people.

Even today people are being employed secretly in Civil Service without due process, not just CBN, but this CBN saga is a big shame considering this is the era of change and we should ask President Muhammadu Buhari to do something about it.

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