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Do The Hisbah, Sharia Police, and Sharia Court, Have Such Rights?, By George Onmonya Daniel


Do The Hisbah, Sharia Police, and Sharia Court, Have Such Rights?, By George Onmonya Daniel


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Do the Hisbah, the Sharia police, and the Sharia court have rights to marry a minor out without informing their parents or guardians? That’s the case of Patience Paul, fourteen years old when she was abducted by the Hisbah last year August in Sokoto. They kept her in their custody and her name changed to Aisha. Her parents did everything to get to her but the Sharia police refused to allow them see her. In a recorded phone conversation between Patience’s brother and the Hisbah boss, it is clear that they are many minors in their custody that are being married out without the consent of their parents after they are converted to Islam.

From the recorded phone conversations, the Hisbah boss in Sokoto told Patience’s brother that the little girl has been married out and the husband has taken her from Sokoto to Bauchi where they got him a job. The Hisbah boss stated that the girl was in their custody from the order of Sarkin Muslumi, and he was the father of the girl since she has been converted to Islam and gave the order that she be married out.

Under Nigerian law she is a minor as she is 15 years old. This is exactly like the case of Ese Oruru, who was abducted, taken to Kano and kept there despite outcry from her parents until few days ago when her case went viral on social media and the embarrassment caused the Kano Emirate Council and the police to act fast. In this new case the Sultan of Sokoto is being dragged into the whole of it as the girls are being kept in his palace.

How can you keep a fourteen years old girl in your custody and away from her parents, not just that, marry her out without the knowledge of the family? Is this legal? Well, it seems this case is rampant and Ese Oruru’s case just opened a can of worms. This whole drama is about the obsession with conversion to Islam. The Nigerian Police and the Nigerian authority should really look into these cases of child abuses and child molestation under the auspices of converting these young girls to Islam and marrying them out. The fact is that the Hisbah people don’t even know the laws or because of impunity do whatever they do knowing that nothing with happen.

The family of the fifteen years old Patience Paul, abducted when she was fourteen years old, by the Hisbah Sharia Police, have the rights to know where she is right now. If they have really married her out then the whole world need to know why the Sharia court would marry out a minor without informing her parents or guardians.


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