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Executive Drivers Are Reckless!, By Kelechi Deca


Executive Drivers Are Reckless!, By Kelechi Deca



Executive drivers are just reckless!

Hearing about the avoidable death of the Minister of State for Labour and Productivity in a gruesome accident once more highlight the recklessness with which we drive in this country. Especially drivers of very important personalities.

Since Thursday I’ve have travelled across eight states and the sight of siren blaring reckless drivers of government officials are everywhere. And to think they do some crazy manoeuvres with SUVs is hair raising. SUVs are not made for the type of speeding we do here coupled with bad roads. Their centres of gravity is too high for safety. And most of them have monsters as engines under their hoods. A perfect combination for urgent death wish.

Even in countries with near perfect road conditions SUBs still account for over 50% of road accidents.

Though over the years car makers have had most of the SUVs equipped with Electronic Stability Control(ESC) systems, which smartly apply the brakes on one or more of the wheels as best to avoid loss of vehicle control in an extreme maneuver, but the rollovers are still happening because most drivers simply get carried away with the high quality power the engines produce speeding as if they are driving a sedan.

If you drive anything from V8 to V12 engines,you will understand what I mean. The temptation to step on the gas is inexplicable especially with the elevated view of every other road users which gives you a sense of momentary arrogance.

The FRSC should hold serious training sessions for all drivers of top government officials to help them understand the type of cars they engage in devilish road manoeuvres.

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