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#istandwithbuhari: Million man march to be held for Buhari

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#istandwithbuhari: Million man march to be held for Buhari

One of the leaders of the #iStandWithBuhari movement has spoken out about plans to organise a million man march in support of President Muhammadu Buhari. Speaking in an interview with Premium Times, the movement’s media and publicity director Ibrahim Wala denied that the group is purely political, adding that its name was chosen to represent Buhari’s positive traits rather the man himself. When asked whether the movement actually does have anything to do with Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) party, Wala said the group’s scope of focus is all of Nigeria, not just its president.

“It was intentionally conceived for the purpose of building a platform that will help in sensitizing Nigerians on the importance of effective governance,” Wala said. “We must not continue with the “I don’t care” attitude. If we do care in the process of choosing our leaders, we must also care when they are in office.” Praising Nigerians for using social media to bring corruption to light, Wala described graft as the most dangerous threat to Nigeria today.

“Corruption is like a Starfish. It has strong tentacles that is capable of transmuting into multiple starfish, especially at the point you want to kill it. “Understanding that the task ahead for the government is huge, it’s also clear that corruption will fight back,” he said. “#iStandWithBuhari represents a wake up with physical and intellectual revolution strategies to create and guarantee the future of the Nigerian youth by showing solidarity with the principled character and ideologies of President Muhammadu Buhari.”

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Buhari has spoken of his determination to stamp out corruption Dismissing reports of growing unease at Buhari’s administration lack of progress, Wala blamed Nigeria’s budget problems on the previous administration. He said the “#iStandWithBuhari movement will galvanize the Nigerian public into giving emotional support to the president, emphasizing that Buhari is taking strong measures to tackle corruption, one of which is the “#iStandWithBuhari movement. “The most prominent of the programs and activities is the Affirmation March which is coming on March 31, 2016,” he said Wala went on to emphasize that his new movement is unlike anything Nigeria has seen before and is nothing like previous million man marches held in the country.

“Even when Abacha was a military dictator, he knew very well that there is power in numbers, there is power in people’s opinions and this is what democracy is all about,” he said. “On this note, the Nine Million Nigerians Anti-Corruption Day Global Affirmation March is scheduled to hold in Nigeria and all major cities around the world simultaneously on Thursday 31st March 2016. The Nigerian venue for the March is Abuja. “#iStandWithBuhari is an independent organization that is mindful of integrity and also frowned at corrupt practices. “We will not take part in any form of indecent activity or accept to be used as a conduit pipe to any public office holder in the name of seeking for sponsorship or any form of financial support.”

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