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OBJ @ 79, anything to learn?, By Abdulwaheed Badmus


OBJ @ 79, anything to learn?, By Abdulwaheed Badmus



Congratulations to Baba OBJ, a friend to few and an enemy to many of his close “friends”, “associates” and those who had invested in him for the purpose of reaping from what they have sown or invested.

OBJ is a man who have witnessed so much heart breaking or shattering adversities in life from friends, especially his own children! I can not imagine how he survived the incest accusations from Dr. Gbenga Obasanjo or a disgraceful and shameful letter written by Dr. Iyabo Obasanjo, his daughter and his two ex-wives, Remi Obasanjo and late Major Moji Obasanjo.

Yet, OBJ seemed to be unruffled, unshartered like Alhaji Abubakar Rimi or Chief S.M.B. Afolabi, both who possibly died from shocked they received from downturn of life. Rimi probably died from shock of witnessing armed robbery incident, which claimed the life of one of his entourage, his wife and indictment of his son by police as one of the suspects in armed robbery that claimed his wife life! In the case of Afolabi, may be due to his trial in the national ID card failed scheme.

How come then, that OBJ did not derailed, lose focus and unstoppable to write letters, openly criticising what he feels are not right!

Definitely, OBJ is cat with many lives and have many attributes that can be learnt if we are objective. He is an icon, a force in Nigeria, nationalist, goal getter and a spoiler to the likes of Atiku or GEJ, those who fell out from him, like Gbenga Daniel, Kasamu Buruji and others. He used and dumped, so they say about him!

Congratulations, Baba Iyabo, a rare and the only Ebora of Owu in Africa.

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