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Open Letter and a Take Charge Call to President. Muhammadu Buhari, By Dr.Biggie Nostra II


Open Letter and a Take Charge Call to President. Muhammadu Buhari, By Dr.Biggie Nostra II


I use this medium to first of all thank you and appreciate you for all the work that you have been doing so far. I do appreciate it. Nigeria is a very complex and difficult country to rule, no thanks to years of mismanagement, impunity, corruption and indiscipline, amongst other vices.

The problems you inherited are in legions. I know that and appreciate how far you have gone knowing you can do far much better. One has to be wise, strong and decisive to rule Nigeria. I am writing this open letter to advice you to do the needful and intimate you of the fact that you are fast losing the great support Nigerians once gave you before, during and immediately last year ‘s polls which you won, trouncing the incumbent on people’s popular support. Nigerians really want the promised change fast. I can’t too much blame them because they have greatly suffered in the past and their capacities to bear further much suffering has greatly waned.

I may need to tell you that in few areas where you did have support, one can not openly say change or Sai Buhari, lest one risked being attacked. It’s that serious. I write this open letter to you through the social media. Hopefully it gets to you and it’s implemented. I chose this medium because it’s through same social media I tirelessly campaigned for you against forces of impunity that were dragging Nigeria down to an intractable dungeon and bottomless pit. I’m happy my strategy with many other change agents worked. Whether recognised or not, I know you specially know and appreciate the impact of social media for your campaign against countless state sponsored agents.

Within the ranks of your supporters, we have been put under so much pressure by the opposition to start finding faults all over the place. We are not going to behave like some who hated criticism of their beloved “tin-gods” and were neither able to criticise him nor correct him when he’s wrong. They created path for his destruction and ouster. We who truly love you won’t open our eyes and let him fail. We will constructively criticize you where necessary and even protest to press forward our position.

No #WailingWailers should rejoice over our criticism because it is patriotic unlike theirs which is destructive and hate filled. I know in-spite of all your great achievements since you were sworn into office just over 9 months ago including Single Treasury Account, your anti corruption crusade and touching the untouchables and collecting looted funds from them, letting them know the days of impunity are over because a new Sheriff is in town ; even bribe giving SANs are not left out, Boko Haram has been practically defeated with so many other laudable achievements, nonetheless, the people are suffering greatly for few reasons and those reasons are blanketting your great achievements. Though not entirely your fault, the economy is in a very bad shape. You need to wake up and smell the roses.

There are at least two areas Nigerians are currently suffering, which your prompt intervention will not only bring back smiles to their faces, it will make you regain and surpass your once popular support. The economy is in very bad shape and the power problem is very bad. It’s no exaggeration to say Nigerians are in darkness. It would be hypocritic of me not to tell you the truth. It appears your economic team isn’t working as they should. You know a child that doesn’t pass despite great efforts at reading is deemed a failure, likewise a team that plays good football but doesn’t win matches or trophies. Your economic team has failed Nigerians. The economy is in shambles. I put the blame mainly on the Finance Minister – Kemi Adeosun and CBN Governor Godwin Emiefile.

I’m Yoruba like Miss Adeosun but the economy has proven she’s incapable of the job. She’s under performed and should quit. The CBN governor too has badly adviced you and has not helped put your intentions to work. This is not the time to work by the rules strictly. He should be fired or forced to quit so that you put a more capable person you not only trust, but is capable of doing the job well. The CBN governor is among the vestiges of last inglorious GEJ led PDP government and so should go with his principal. I know you know how the service chiefs were ineffective in the first few months of your government and how they undermined your efforts in fighting Boko Haram till you fired them and put better people.

Recently despite it being after 9mths, you rightly fired the VCs of GEJ formed universities and DGs of some corporations because they were vestiges of last government and incompatible with change. Please extend your action to the CBN governor, Nigerian foreign missions abroad, paramilitary agencies too as unconfirmed rumours say some of them like NSCDC and Immigration are secretly recruiting people like they did in the last inglorious GEJ led govt. They need to know a new Sheriff is in town and days of impunity are over. You need to stamp your authority sir.

Finally, most Nigerians are still experiencing power shortage contrary to your campaign promise. I want you to realise you need to urgently address the issue of electricity because majority of Nigerians are in darkness. There are some people who won’t let you realise your objectives and the earlier you get rid of them, the better. Those who never wanted you to be president are in charge of the oil and gas sector. I am sure you know your predecessor – GEJ didn’t sell PHCN to genuine, competent investors. Rather he sold them to his cronies and card carrying PDP members, who lacked the capacity to effectively manage power.

They have shown they don’t have what it takes to develop the power sector. They have failed in finance, technical expertise and investment. They are always short of funds because they never had funds in the first place. They are always asking for bail-outs and threatening to put the nation, your beloved nation in darkness if their selfish increase in electricity tariff is not granted. Didn’t they call themselves investors?

Why can’t they improve the electricity situation first before asking for any increase? Was that not what MTN, Airtel, Etisalat or Glo did to improve the telecom sector? They claim to be broke yet were donating billions to your political opponent during last elections. Is that sign of being broke? The truth is that most of them are broke GEJ cronies. They want you to fail and are assiduously working towards their goals.

Don’t allow your enemies to have field day in your government. Mr. President, you must be strong and decisive shunning the weak lily livered attitude of the past regime. The law privatising PHCN giving our commonwealth to GENCOs and very inefficient DISCOs must be reviewed fast. The DISCOs should be taken away from the ineffective ones ( at least 80% of them fall into this category) and taken over by government and resold to genuine foreign investors in a very transparent manner sir. That will make power to be stable within 24 months. Body language isn’t gonna work here but real fast action. We all know that MTN, Airtel (Econet), Glo and Etisalat are very effective because they were bought by competent foreign investors while others like Starcomms, Visafone, Multilinks, Zoom, Intercellular, Reltel are no more and have gone to the doldrums of oblivion. We cannot afford another failed government. You must do the needful even if some toes will get bruised. To be sycophantic at this period is dangerous. I tell the truth to those I love because I don’t want them to fail. Thanks for your understanding. I’m still with Standing with Buhari.

Dr. Michael “Dr.Biggie Nostra II” Adeyemi

Self appointed Senior Special Assistant on Domestic & Special Duties,

Social Media, Strategy and Propaganda Affairs


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