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Our Economic Woes, By Abdulwaheed Badmus.


Our Economic Woes, By Abdulwaheed Badmus.


Our economic woes are always blessing to us in Nigeria but we are not consistence or we easily lose focus. Today, sending money to Nigeria from UK is just #323 ”pere”!

How can Nigeria cope in the next 4 years with such ridiculous exchange rate, with fluctuating oil price despite war or crisis in some oil producing countries.

The price of oil may likely remain unstable or low for long. How are we going to cope in Ekiti, Damaturu, Oshun, Jigawa, Sokoto, Zamfara states and some other states far away way from Lagos state or land locked states that are not densely populated without over bloated population put in place to earn fat federal monthly allocations.

Way out – Massive down sizing, massive self employment in Agriculture, preferably livestock and agrarians.

Emphasis and priorities should be on aquaculture and poultry products in the south. And the north grains should be encouraged. Our subsistence farmers throughout Nigeria should be supported more than before.

There should be ban on conversion of our family farming land to residential area by local, state and federal government. Otherwise, we shall regret it later in life, if there houses but no food to eat.

Green zone for farming, afforestation, forestation, national park and farming should be maintained.

Aquaculture and poultry products alone can save Nigeria from our economic woes and create millions of jobs if only we know.

Farming, down sizing, dignity of labour and prudent spending are our best alternative out of our economic woes.

God bless Nigeria.

Abdulwaheed Badmus.

Culled from my wall. The post was made a year ago !

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