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Pension Age @ 70, By Abdulwaheed Badmus


Pension Age @ 70, By Abdulwaheed Badmus


Pension age at 70 years is stupid and unwelcome in UK, and in country like Germany where it is put at 67 for people born in 1961 and 1964 onward. In Belgium there are exceptions which include all teachers in primary or secondary schools, vocational schools, members of the armed forces. Many are unhappy because it will reduce number of years they will have for enjoyments, rest or fun.

On the part of the government there is no enough young people to replace the number of old who are on pension hence, it is not feasible to maintain the pensionable age of 60 years. Hence, there will be less people to pay for national social security contributions. The other reason is that life expectancy age has increased due to improve in quality of life. In effect, there are genuine reasons and concern on the part of UK and some developed countries where pensionable age has been increased unlike in some sectors in Nigeria

Ironically, the reverse is the case in Nigeria’s tertiary institution. In fact, one of my friends, was happy just because the pensionable age of non teaching or ”non academic” staff was increased to 65 years. I felt like calling him a dummy! Critically too, I will also welcome it, if I am in their shoes, but with reservation.

I felt the same for the academic staff too, because they have been short changed too. Why must a Prof. remain in the service till 70 years of age before he or she retires! Why is it not odd in our society to stay longer in the service or increase pensionable? Some are so fraudulent that they doctored their age by reducing their age as much as 5 years. In fact, some people when they are 60 or 70 years old officially, their true age is 65 or 75 years.

Any Prof., any where and at any time should be on full salary throughout their lives in Nigeria. To be a Prof. is to be outstanding, hence, long years in service is not the best for them to enjoy such outstanding status. What make the difference between a Prof. and a Permanent Secretary or a General and their equivalents in Nigeria Armed forces, who will continue to enjoy their full benefit for life after attaining their mandatory retirement age or when forced out of service? What is the retirement age of General and their equivalents to receive their full benefits after retirement? Then, why not Prof at 60?

Every attempts to make the few to see the retrogressiveness of extending reitirement age of academicians and the rest in our university was rebuffed with complex. Professors are suppose be emeritus at all time and every where and if not, they must never be poor and but be at par with their contemporaries throughout the world in terms of respect and honour that should be the reform ASUU should clamour for.

In fact, the trend now in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions is to increase their retirement age, instead of fighting to revert to the old pension schemes and it reforms. The old pension scheme is still in operation for the state and local goverment civil servants when they retires and qualified for pensionable monthly allowances.

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