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What Nigerians Are Saying About Derele’s New Pictures


What Nigerians Are Saying About Derele’s New Pictures



Hauwa’u Olusola Suleiman:- How come we don’t see ladies who are tomboy or love to dress like men being condemned? This dude just does what would make him on every body’s lips, and he succeeds each time.

Bilkisu Yusuf:- Caitlyn Denner…😟😟😟

Tony Tonero hah\aha…….he should tell the surgeons to yank off his abuna and replace with a ‘hole’…………idiot.

Kayode Salman Banjo He should be locked up

Zainab Abba Haliru Why? What crime has he committed? How can you judge him just cos he decides not to be bound by the society’s construct of what a “man” should act like? Abeg leave him. I like his courage.


Kayode Salman Banjo:- Zainab Abba Haliru you are a Muslim, I consider my self Muslim and a true Christisn as well, we both know the laws of God and what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah

Kayode Salman Banjo This guy is becoming a danger to Nigeria’s public morals

Zainab Ibrahin:- This guy is gradually transitioning to a transgender.

Emeka Uwam:- Sometimes darenle creates an impression he is gay

Harrison Blach Igwe:- Disgrace to the yoruba people.. Tufiakwa! The devil is dancing Skelewu with his confused life!

Zainab Abba Haliru:- He has categorically come out to say he is not gay. He is just expressing himself artistically. I don’t think there is anything disgraceful about him. I think he is odd though. Lol..others say he is just in tune with his feminine side.

Bashir Anda:- Truthfully, dis guy looks gayish! dis is Unafrican!!

Helyn Showguy:- I can’t stomach this shit!

Shade Salawu:- So what message is he sending

Emmanuel Eche-Ofun John:- He’s likely a one-sided gay; the reciever.

Jerome Orinya:- Bet me,he could think it’s fun at first but the demon is gradually deluding him into transgender.

Okpanachi Ojoma:- I can’t put all his shitzx together
Mtshhh, nansense!


Ekunnusi Temitope Don Apollo:- I might not like him but I can shed my blood to protect his right to do whatever he wants to do with his life.The whole crack is between an expression of individuality and pampered hypocrisy.

Meche Cee Meche:- You have a problem, he has NONE!!!!!

Remi Adebayo:- Psychosis setting in…

Collins Eze:- Gradually gradually, the guy don dey kolo mental

Okpanachi Ojoma:- Please stop posting unnecessary photos biko, let’s discuss 9ja politics please . Irritating 😈

Armstrong Chijindu Godwin:- Where’s d police? Or, is Derinle beyond arrest now?

Ayara Omeiza Dennis:- If this is how Prince look, then i must hate royalty…

This is what Nigerians are saying about Derele’s new photos, what about you? 

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