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I am Sick Of Explaining Why I Don’t Drink Beer, By George Onmonya Daniel


I am Sick Of Explaining Why I Don’t Drink Beer, By George Onmonya Daniel


Most beer drinker expect you to drink if you are in their midst. They often look at you surprised that you don’t drink and they try persuading you to drink a lot of times you are hanging out with them. I have heard stories like if you don’t drink, smoke or womanize them something is definitely amiss and you are not fun. And they try to make fun of your not drinking.

I have been called “Woman!”, for drinking malt or coke amidst beer drinker. That you don’t drink or take any substance that get you high is seen as feminine, not manly. And I get asked, “Why don’t you drink?” all the time. I have answered this dumbed question over the years just because I want to be polite. Why don’t I drink? Simple, I don’t like the taste of alcohol, especially beer. They are mostly sour or bitter or taste fermented. I have got sugar tooth. Beer drinker mostly refer to anything non-alcoholic as jedijedi.

When most of my beer drinking friends or people I meet through them learn that I don’t drink not for religious purpose or culture and realize they are more religious than I am, they can’t fathom why and they want to know why and the why interest them so much, but they mostly get disappointed when they force me to tell them why. I don’t drink because I don’t like it. i don’t feel there is anything more to add.

You don’t have to drink if you don’t like it, do you? I have never been that person where peer pressure make me do anything. I did whatever I did because I wanted to do them. I have always been that kind of person. If in my mid-thirties people still pile up pressure on me to do what they do, just imagine what teenagers pass through. a lot of them must have started some habit because of peer pressure and the need to belong. The fact is that not doing what majority of people do does not make you less fun. You don’t have to be another person to be fun. After all what  is fun to you may not be fun to another person.

If you hangout a lot with friends who are beer people, you would get a lot of what I am talking about.

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