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SARAKI: Of Muslim/Muslim Ticket, Intrigues, And the APC Conundrum, By George Onmonya Daniel


SARAKI: Of Muslim/Muslim Ticket, Intrigues, And the APC Conundrum, By George Onmonya Daniel


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The Senate President Bukola Saraki in a rejoinder to Dele Momodu, told the Ovation publisher that his opposition of Muslim/Muslim ticket is one of the main reason why he is being prosecuted at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) of not declaring his assets and other charges of corruption. I don’t know about that, but I know Femi Fani-Kayode, who defected from the PDP to the APC left the APC back to the PDP because of the issue of Muslim/Muslim ticket. Femi Fani-Kayode had told the world that he was not in support of that. The likes of Nasir El-Rufai, now Kaduna State governor supported the Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket.

Why would the APC foolishly even consider a Muslim-Muslim ticket when it was obvious that it was disastrous? Bola Ahmed Tinubu, one of the biggest sponsors and godfathers of the party wanted to be Vice President at all cost. Before Osinbajo was selected by Bola Ahmed Tinubu he insisted that he must be the one, it took the APC about three days of meetings and counter meetings to plead and make Bola Ahmed Tinubu see reason (Fact).

At last Osinbajo, one of Tinubo’s boy emerged, single handedly chosen by the Demi-God champion of the politics of Yoruba kingdom, Tinubu himself.

Now I don’t know exactly who are who opposed Tinubu and the Muslim-Muslim ticket in the die-minute. If it is Bukola Saraki, as he said, then I am sure he is more perceptive than I thought. The APC would have lost that election if they had gone ahead with that Muslim-Muslim business.

Bukola Saraki is telling us that it is Tinubu that is gunning for me to take revenge for opposition his ambition because it would detrimental to the APC. I thought it was some other personal beef, but everyone is saying it is Tinubu who wants Bukola Saraki out. It is obvious that the senate have no problem with the leadership of the senate but the APC has and they have convince President Muhammadu Buhari on why. Buhari himself not savvy in the department of conflict resolution and perceptive enough to see this dirty politics would bring the party down, has kept this going under the auspices of his war against corruption.

One of the problem in the APC is that the people who started the party from other parties are afraid of the moneybags, political savvy, experienced New PDP people who joined the party. They fear that these New PDP people are rich and have too much power they could send them into oblivion. The New PDP people who felt without them the APC would not have succeeded want their own representative, someone as powerful as the president who would protect their interests and Bukola Saraki is their perfect candidate. Most of these New PDP members who joined the APC, are ex-governors who have a lot of influence, power and supporters still. These new PDP people get along with their friends in the PDP. The picture of Wike and Tambuwal recently shows some of that.

Some of these people are not happy and may want to follow Saraki wherever he is going.

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