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The Saraki Trial Has Tainted Buhari’s Corruption War, By George Onmonya Daniel


The Saraki Trial Has Tainted Buhari’s Corruption War, By George Onmonya Daniel


From the beginning it was obvious that some bigwigs in the APC who see the party as their personal property wanted to install their own senate president. As it turned out the senators wanted something else and resisted outside intervention by the godfathers, in an intriguing drama that is the stuff politics is made of, Bukola Saraki emerged the senate president.

Suddenly the godfathers of the APC declared war, even President Muhammadu Buhari was not happy with Bukola Saraki. As we can see today even Buhari is being controlled by the godfathers. Just imagine if the APC godfathers had installed their man, we probably wouldn’t have known about the budget blunder today. They would have just quietly passed a rubbish budget for Nigeria.

Anyway, Saraki must be brought down. They used the EFCC and went for his wife. Then out of the entire documents of assets declarations, they went and picked that of Bukola Saraki and started hunting and haunting the man. He must be removed as the senate president. It has to be the man the godfathers want.

Do we think the world is not watching? Did President Muhammad Buhari think people are so stupid? This whole Saraki trial circus and Kangaroo trial is turning Nigeria to a country of jesters. In the end it wouldn’t be whether Saraki loses or Buhari and his friends win, it is the fact that we all know the Saraki trial is just a trial to remove the man as Senate President and has nothing to do with fighting corruption.

Look at the APC closely, look at them again and again, where is the change? What is the difference between them and the PDP now? Certainly nothing. Like identical twins they have the same DNA.

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