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The Shiite Injustice And Blunder, By George Onmonya Daniel


The Shiite Injustice And Blunder, By George Onmonya Daniel


The sheer arrogance and megalomania displayed by this administration on what I termed from Day 1 as the “Shiite Massacre” is disgusting. More disgusting is the inhumanity displayed by some members of other Muslim sects who supported the military and government’s action because they disagree with the Shiite in matters of ideology and doctrine.

We all saw what happened on 12th December, 2015, in Zaria, at least from the video released by the army after they had committed probably one of the worst atrocities in the history of this country. Members of Shiite were having their yearly procession and as usual they blocked a major highway. This has become a culture in this country and I would confidently say most religious groups as guilty of this, especially most Muslim groups up north, even in Abuja and environ. But on this occasion the Chief of Defense Staff, the almighty General Buratai was on the way and the military had to clear the way for their boss.

Now I must commend the military maturity in trying to handle the Shiite youths by explaining to them that the boss is coming and they must give way. There had been a confrontation between the military and the Shiite sect the previous year in which several shiite members were killed, among them children of Sheikh Elzazacky.  The military had no patient for an unruly masses blocking the road and the boss had to pass that road. In the end they shot their way through the road, killing what the media reported, as seven people.

The boss passed. That would have simply been the end of it. I don’t know if General Buratai phoned his boss in Aso Rock Villa, Abuja, and ordered him to deal with the Shiite or if he, on his own,  decided to just take care of business. The body language of President Buhari after the massacre showed that he supported General Buratai’s action 100 percent. After the road incident where 7 people were killed, now I know human lives doesn’t mean so much to most of us except it affects us directly or it is the life of a big man, the military stormed Elzazacky’s house where Shiite were gather for their procession, and gunned down over 800 people, from what Shiite spokesman said, all in an attempt to capture the Shiite leader, Sheikh Elzazacky. Amnesty International, AI, has called for an urgent investigation into the slaughter and secret burial of 347 members of the Shi’ite religious group in mass graves by the Nigerian army as recently revealed, adding that anyone suspected of criminal responsibility in the crime must be brought to trial.

When it happened some of us stated categorically that this is massacre and gross human rights abuse. We call for the resignation of General Buratai over the killing, thank God today Amnesty International has agreed with us that this matter needs to be investigated and those who committed the atrocities brought to book.

The military has committed yet another blunder out of arrogance of power, undermining democracy, lying that the Shiite sect members wanted to assassinate General Buratai to cover up their crime. The Buhari administration will not do anything about it but we are pleading with the world to look into it and General Buratai charged to ICC.






1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sayyadi Abubakar Ringim

    April 18, 2016 at 9:29 pm

    who are you deceiving? Shia is a religion different from Islam.

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