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What Nigerians Are Saying About Aisha Buhari’s Vanity Book


What Nigerians Are Saying About Aisha Buhari’s Vanity Book


On the Second Anniversary of the kidnap of the Chibok girls, the first lady, Aisha Buhari decided to launch her book “Essentials Of Beauty Therapy” in Abuja at the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa. Boko Haram’s video of 15 of the Chibok girls had just been leaked by CNN and it was headline all over the world. It was shocking that on that Thursday the members of #Bringbackourgirls were on their way to the presidential villa and were stopped at the Federal Secretariat, Abuja, probably not to disrupt Madam Buhari’s vanity book launch.

Professor Pius Adesanmi summed it up in his article like this:

No Leaf is Missing.

By Pius Adesanmi.

The price that President Buhari will pay for his stubborn contempt for optics is pregnant and nursing a baby. I think there are too many Sai Babas around him deceiving him that he can go on declaring war on optics. We shall continue to tell him otherwise to help him serve us better.

I had actually sent an email to some very senior African economists, seeking enlightenment on the benefits or lack thereof of the proposed Yuanification of the Nigerian economy.

One phoned me and said he saw immense benefits and would send an email to educate me. I said, ok Prof, I am waiting. Then I venture into Nigeriana and I see a full scale war on optics. Now I’m no longer interested in China.

1) On the second anniversary of the abduction of the Chibok girls, peaceful protesters led by Ezekwesili are going to the Villa. You go and block them with police! How could anybody in that huge Villa not have thought of the horrible optics of stopping those protesters? You welcome them. You have an unscripted mingling with them. You use the opportunity to reassure the nation and to comfort the parents and apologize that the Nigerian state has now failed them for two consecutive years. That is how to do these things!

2) On the second anniversary of the abduction of the Chibok girls, Mrs Buhari launches her book on beauty therapy and fashion. Mo gbe! Who is advising these people on optics?

The leaves of the Babalawo that is doing the Buhari Presidency are complete. No leaf is missing. That is why his medicine is so effective. Where you have one of the most catastrophic media teams in Nigeria’s postcolonial history, totally incapable of marketing even your best narratives, you just simply cannot afford these kinds of optical bungling.

And, by the way, I like and support that statement from China about dealing ruthlessly with electricity vandals. So long as the same ruthlessness will be applied in the direction of Fulani cattle rearers when they break the law.

We cannot have a country where some law breakers are threatened with fire and brimstone and the Inspector General of Police says the Emir has not spoken when faced with some other law breakers. It is terrible optics.

We must always ensure that “what is good for the good is also good for the gender”.

Another blogger George Onmonya Daniel has this to say;

A Wrong Time For A Vanity Book

George Onmonya Daniel

Aisha Buhari Launches Book On “Essentials Of Beauty Therapy”, says the headlines. Mrs Buhari made the public presentation of the book on Thursday in Abuja at the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa. On this Thursday, that was yesterday, the whole world was and is still talking about the Chibok girls. The ‪#‎Bringbackourgirls‬ protesters were heading for the villa and were stopped, they ended up at the National Secretariat.

I know President Muhammadu Buhari promised to stop the activity of the first lady and so far he has shut his wife from active participation in his government and limelight. But Madam President should have used her common sense na, to know that this is the wrong time to launch her vanity book. It shows insensitivity to the whole Chibok incident and the whole women and girls kidnapped in this Boko Haram drama.

But then we are in a funny country.

Mitterand Okorie  wrote, If the first lady was such a good writer as to author a book, I wonder why the President went out of his way to hire four siddon-look media assistants. We got a first lady and an author; two for the price of one. Should come in handy in a time we are borrowing to pay an over bloated civil service.”

Peter Igure  wrote, “Evidently strategic advisers are needed in that villa.

Unfortunately such persons have almost become almost extinct in our public service.

Oladipo Abiodun Sammie wrote I’m still waiting for official reason for such a distasteful attitude to BBOG. Thou i’m not sure any reason can suffice. So disappointing!”

Stella Lebi wrote No one is showing concern about Chibok girls because they are technically not missing. They are being held captive by Shettima and co. The recent video of them further reinforced that fact. Missing girls in the hands of some crazy men but looking like they are on a cruise where five course meals are served round the clock.. Indeed, someone missed the basic lesson on optics. That’s why the First lady is not wasting her time chasing Chibok shadows.”

Majority of Nigerians are not happy with the launch of Mrs. Buhari vanity book at this time when the whole world is talking about Boko Haram.



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