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Bloopers And Fuckery, Everywhere I Turn, By Hassan Mohammed


Bloopers And Fuckery, Everywhere I Turn, By Hassan Mohammed


Just don’t know how to diplomatic about this. For I’m too disappointed to be clever by the bloophers and fuckery. So, I’ll remind us that that rescued young girl from Chibok is not a political trophy. She is a VICTIM! That is what she is, a violated victim. No one should exploit her for political leverage. She was raped by her abduction and sexually molested, and now her government is continuing the rape – emotionally. I consider it irresponsible how she is being pass around and paraded for photo-ops.

With the level of commitment of the government and especially the military in prosecuting this war, I believe that in no time all or most of the girls will be rescued. Please, no one should parade any more girls. They, and their families, have lost everything. We need to let them retain their dignity.

That man that claims to be her husband, is NOT. Apart from being a terrorist, he is a rapist. Unless if the military and political leaders can tell us that holding him present them with some strategic security advantage, then his prosecution should be expedited, immediately. He is not a victim. He is a VILLAIN.

We must never take away the agency that this fellow has in the abduction, rape and impregnation of this girl child. Never! Even child soldiers bear responsibility for their actions soon as they become adults, and this guy a full adult. He is about 30. At the very least, he is 28 years old.

And you, yes you, that callous, bigoted evil and political goon, who forgot that this is not about politics or your hate for a man or region, but argued for two years that no girl was abducted only to turn now to say the government is only able to rescue two out of over 200. Yes, you. The one who lost his or her humanity to hate. You made light the pains of over 200 mothers who have been crying their hearts out for the past 24 months. I’m beginning to wonder if you have a mother, daughter or sisters. I wonder.

You are busy talking about inability of the secondary girls to speak good English? Does that really matter at this point? Some us meet students from all over the country. We know that that is emblematic of our education system today. You forgot that we have celebrate some of your degree holders here who as youth corp members cannot even spell or string a single sentence together. We have seen them make posts on social media. Some were sent back by NYSC. For your hypocrisy knows no limit, I pity you. I pray for you. I really do.

You see, my prayer is that your child, grandchild, wife or sister is never abducted or raped by anyone. Not even Sambo Dasuki, Yakasai, Metuh, Bafatawa, Falae, Badeh FFK and all the other evil Nigerians that participated in stealing our defence/security funds should experience this. No, no one, no family should go through this experience.

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