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The arrest of General Mohammed Shuwa’s suspected killers is a blow to those conspiracy theorists who argued that his death was a revenge mission by the Igbos. The former Chief of Army Staff General Azubuike Ihejerika was accused of using the war on terrorism to avenge the death of the Igbos during the tragic Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970). The conspiracists argued that General Shuwa was targeted because he was a Northern hero of the war. I made enemies for daring to challenges those conspiracy theories on the basis of the evidence we had in practice. I maintained that if Ihejerika was on a mission to kill Northerners, why should suicide bombers kill Igbo passengers at Sabon Gari bus station in Kano? Why should Ihejerika send terrorists after his own brothers when his primary mission was to kill Northerners? Why should he target fellow Igbos who were victims of Nyanya and Jos bomb blasts in April 2014 when his targets were Northerners? Why were the terrorists not separating Igbos from others before attacking their intended victims? It is impossible to associate indiscriminate terrorist violence with any so-called agenda to kill northerners to allegedly avenge the death of Igbos during the civil war. The conspiracy arguments didn’t add up; they were inconsistent with elementary logic and common sense.

President Buhari himself was a victim of these nonsensical conspiracy theories. He was accused of using terrorism to force political power back to the North. If the Boko Haram bandits were working for any political agenda to force power back to the North, was the violence not supposed to stop automatically after Muhammadu Buhari was declared winner of the 2015 presidential election? Almost one year after President Buhari was sworn into office, the country is still fighting terrorism. This is a blow to the credibility of those conspiracists that linked Buhari to terrorism. If Buhari was the sponsor of Boko Haram, he wouldn’t have been fighting the fiercest war against the terrorists today.

Conspiracy theories, if carried too far, can do more harm than good because of their tendency to exploit the credulity and gullibility of others. None of the suspects linked to General Shuwa’s murder is Igbo, and this is a fatal blow to the credibility of those who alleged that the Borno General was assassinated to avenge the death of the Igbos during the Nigerian Civil War.

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