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By Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga


Photo: Ibrahim Uwais, joined ISIS with family, killed in Syria

According to Sahara Reporters, the online news medium, the son of Nigeria’s former Chief Justice, Ibrahim Uwais who joined the murderous terror group(ISIS), has been killed in a Syrian airstrike. An account of the incident published by Sahara Reporters says Ibrahim Uwais was killed near Aleppo, Syria, as the United States forces targeted the ISIS terrorists during fierce airstrikes. Ibrahim Uwais secretly left Nigeria for Syria in February 2015 to “proudly” join the notoriously brutal terrorist group(ISIS).

This is the second tragedy to befall a prominent Northern family. In December 2009, Farouk Abdul Mutallab, the son of billionaire businessman and former Chairman of the First Bank, Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, brought his family’s name into disrepute when he attempted to blow up almost 300 passengers and crew on Christmas eve on a Detroit bound flight. As God would have it, his powdered bomb sewn into his underwear failed to go off. That was how he won the notorious label of “The Underwear Suicide Bomber.”

Farouk, who was 23 at the time, was sent on the lethal mission by the Al-Qaeda affiliate group in Yemen, who released a video of the young man during his training sessions in the desert. During his trial, Farouk said he was proud of what he did, and that he didn’t want to see his parents in the court, and his wish was granted by the Judge. Presiding Judge Nancy Edmonds told Farouk that while she had no control over his motivations, she had the power to stop him from harming humanity in the future by putting him away for life in jail. And he is currently serving a life sentence.


Photo: Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

Anyone of us country could have found ourselves in the tragic situation the Uwais and Mutallab families have found themselves in. They deserve sympathy and empathy. Farouk was given the best education money can buy, but he eventually repudiated his parents to serve the devil. In his last communication with his mother, he told her never to contact him again because “I have found a new life.”

While sympathising with the Uwais and Mutallab families, there is however the need for greater vigilance by parents, the need for closer monitoring of their children’s activities. These children are potential victims of external influences. And the internet era has made it easier for the terrorism merchants to recruit gullible children and adults. Producing children brings happiness, but if they turn to future devils, they destroy that happiness.

Evil has magnetic attraction. It creates excitement for its servants. Terrorist leaders are mental manipulators. They are diabolically skilled at hijacking the minds of their victims. They target anybody who is susceptible to their manipulation. In fact, the gullibility of the victims largely helps the terrorism merchants to succeed in their recruitment efforts. The founder of the Al-Qaeda global terrorists network, the late Osama Bin Laden, left behind around 15 children and none of them, to my recollection, was ever a suicide bomber! Does that mean Bin Laden didn’t want automatic ticket to paradise for his children? Terrorism recruitment feeds on human stupidity, and one thing about stupid people is that one is born every minute! No wonder the world has more stupid people than wise men. The famous British Mathematician and philosopher, Bertrand Russell, said: “I won’t die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.”


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