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Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz Debate Rages on Social Media


Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz Debate Rages on Social Media


By George Onmonya Daniel

The biggest debate on Facebook and Twitter in Nigeria, the most trending issue is musician Tiwa Savage and her husband, may former husband, Tee Billz, drama. Tunji aka Tee Billz took it to social media when he accused Tiwa Savage of infidelity, in fact of sleeping with Tu face Idibia, Don Jazzy and Dr. Sid on Instagram. Within minutes it went viral. The media pick it up immediately, giving it authenticity and bloggers and other social media people spread it all over.

Tiwa Savage had to come out and address the public and she did grant interview to Pulse Television. A long interview which she came out and said it all. She said her husband had issues and she had been covering up for him. The husband was stealing from her and she fired him as her manager. He was going out to drink the family into debt in nightclubs which later results to these nightclubs calling her to pay up or they would go to the media. She gave an instance when he bought a Mercedes Benz and couldn’t foot the bill and she later had to pay the remaining N3.5 million for him. Then there is the case of infidelity and he spends more time outside clubbing and drinking and following other women then at home.

She also caught him sniffing cocaine at home when he doesn’t contribute anything financially to the family. She had been the one who foot the bills all through. She also accused him of being jealous of her success.

Now the social media is divided over those who said she should have kept quiet and those who lauded her for being strong and talking. No matter what your opinion is, Tiwa Savage had stated that it is over. And most times celebrity divorce end up in public as their marriage.


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