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Buratai: SOMEBODY IS DEFINITELY LYING, by Hassan Mohammed


Buratai: SOMEBODY IS DEFINITELY LYING, by Hassan Mohammed


hassan mohammed

Hassan Mohammed

You see, all that some of us ask for is that the General explain to us if the two properties in Dubai are in his Asset Declaration document. If they are, how he saved up to buy properties in Dubai, and possibly in Nigeria. This should be easy, noting that each of the properties is said to be worth $420,000 (N63m for one or N126million for 2 houses at N150/$1). Were there financed by savings, loans from banks or some friends, instalment payments, inheritance, or even dash by a friend?

It is not really difficult to buy any property in that city of you can afford. At least, having been to that country almost 8 times, I know that there is always someone trying to sell you apartments, flats, condos, houses, right from the airport to your hotel, markets and every turn you make, in different terms. I’ve a friend who always offer himself to be sold to. He will follow them those beautiful leggy chinanas for free rides to and from their offices to watch video shows and for free meal.

But for some people, who said that there was no way a woman who was former Minister of Petroleum, former Minister of Transport and former Minister of Mines and Steel Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, who before then worked for Shell for about 20 years rising to the rank of Executive Director could save to buy jewelry and property in Abuja are telling us to shut up, is really funny and stupid. A woman spent about 20 years in Shell and 6 years as Minister in 3 Ministries cannot save to buy a house and jewelry, but a General who is leaving on public service salary can?

These same people came up with the excuse that there was no procurement department or directorate in the DHQ until 2015 and the General was never its Director. Well, I hate to break it to them that the man lied. If he said he was never the Director of Procurement at the DHQ, I’ll say may be, even though all his online profile entries, including that on the website of the Nigerian Army ( show that that was the position he held between his stint as the Commandant of NASI and the Head of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF). But to say no procurement unit in the DHQ until he became the COAS and he set it up? Give me a break.

The man and his supporters lied when they said there was no procurement department until 2015. I trained some of the procurement officers of that department as far back as 2011. In fact, I facilitated on many other trainings, both locally and internationally after that.
He can argue that he was never a director of procurement in that unit, but he will be lying if he said he establish the department in 2015. The 2007 Public Procurement Act, mandated that all government establishments must set up their procurement units. And unlike the undisciplined mainstream civil service, the military and the other paramilitary are disciplined and more professional. They were the first to comply with the directive. That was between July 4th, 2007 and 2009.

How can supporters of this General tell us such departments never existed until 2015, when it is not just a suggestion or fancy position or a department, it is a legally/constitutionally required section? Is he saying that for 8 years since the directive, the military were engaging in illegalities? And then a picture of him emerged opening a seminar (allegedly) for that same department in 2014 as its Director. Tell me the picture is Photoshop, but that “no procurement department until 2015” excuse will not sell. Next excuse, please.

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