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What Nigerians Are Saying About Buratai’s Dubai Properties

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What Nigerians Are Saying About Buratai’s Dubai Properties


Despite the Defense Ministry statement that Chief of Army Staff, General Tukur Buratai, bought the properties he co-own with his wives three years ago after Sahara Reporters reported he has properties in Dubai,United Arab Emirate, many Nigerians are not satisfy with the explanation that he bought the house from his savings as he claimed.

Professor Moses Ochonu wrote,
“So the Nigerian army has confirmed that its chief, General Tukur Buratai, owns two Dubai properties worth hundred of millions of Naira as reported by Saharareporters, and claims that the able General acquired the properties using his savings. All I can say is….
1. General Buratai’s remuneration must be under a salary structure different from that of his comrades in arms.
2. He must be the world’s greatest saver and the world’s most frugal person combined.
Buhari is on an island all by himself. God save Nigeria.”

Hassan Mohammed wrote,
I wrote on this page few months ago, that there is virtually no how, in today’s Nigeria that you will be the procurement office of anything, in any sector, especially Director of Procurement at the DHQ, that you’ll not be tempted to engage in, and possible really engage in unethical professional conduct.
The procurement environment is a cesspool for corruption. It draws even the best of us in and consume them. About a decade ago an international organization released the result of a study that shows that about 75% of all corrupt activities in Nigeria are in procurement and contracts related areas.
And that is why when, early this year, I read of the case of possible corrupt activities the Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Burutai, I was not surprised. But then the issue fizzle out. Or so I thought. Now it is back. And I’ll say that it is just as simple as any other case to solve. Many of us know the price of house, flats, condos or whatever you chose to call them. And they are beyond the reach of the average Joe.
Definitely not on his salary. What is left after his monthly expenses? How long did it take him to save for the property or properties? What other sources of income does he have? What other businesses was he into? Importantly, as a public servant, at some point and level, all must declare their assets. Was that Dubai structure declared?
Like a lot of people, I live above my salary in some months, because it cannot take care of me, my immediate and remote family. In some I have no problem. I have other sources of income. I authored four books that kept me going. I’m on my fifth. I also make noise for money. Unless you are foolish you cannot rely on your meagre salary. You must find a legitimate source of income. And it should be easy to explain.
Oga Burutai must explain all his sources of income and how he was able to acquire that property in Dubai, and any in Nigeria, if any. Failing that then he is just another thief. Just another thief. And Baba should tell him thanks for your services. And let the system take care of him, effectively.

Gimba Kakanda wrote:
Wait, are we really shocked that a senior officer owns a property overseas? The military institution in Nigeria emerged from a culture of corruption, as the main actors of the nation’s political life less than two decades ago.
Our Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, was commissioned 31 years ago, which meant the first 14 years of his military career was as a variable of our military-industrial complex. And when the Army were returning to their cages in 1999, he was already a Lieutenant Colonel.
Even Army officers who joined the force in this civilian regime have “done well” for themselves as proud owners of prized properties in Abuja and overseas, let alone a member of the military establishment in the years of our unchallengeable dictatorship.
Instead of feigning surprises over a system we all know, I think we should just encourage the current civilian administration to draw the line and correct the practices that make senior members of our security agencies landlords of vast estates, with kids in the most expensive schools and cities abroad.
The only Lamborghini Aventador I’ve seen in Abuja is owned by the son of a senior military officer. And if you ask around, or meet property developers in Abuja, you may understand the actual extent of corruption in not just the Army, but the Navy, the Airforce and of course the Police.
I’m not trying to play down the gravity of Buratai’s ownership of a property in Dubai. I’m just shocked that we are going berserk over a system we all know, with its beneficiaries as our neighbours, relatives, friends and business partners.

Fatimah Bakare-Dickson
Why is it difficult for these people to invest at home? They loot public funds,ruin the economy then elope. But God will punish them.

Collins Eze wrote:
Buhari’s Chief Of Army Staff, General Buratai, Wives Own 2 very expensive Properties in Dubai. He can save and buy two houses in Dubai but a former #Shell executive (Madueke) cannot. You see, the problem with Muhammudu Buhari and his anti-kwarafftion fight is that common sense is being thrown to the dogs. Buhari himself is not clean. Buhari is a product of a corrupt system which was well entrenched before GEj left school….stop vouching for him. – Michael Faraday Michael

Rene Osayande wrote:
Millionaire housewives. …….No wonder the of a at the top refuse to declare his wife assets. ..
To the blind followers……It’s okay to steal and keep loot via proxy.

Danjuma Azemobo Musa wrote:
So General Buratai claims he acquired his two properties a in Dubai from personal savings. Yet they claim that our military men are poorly paid
If this defence is allowed to fly, Badeh should be handed back his confiscated properties… After all he had been saving too.

What is your view on this?

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