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Film Village in Kano Dangerous, By George Onmonya Daniel


Film Village in Kano Dangerous, By George Onmonya Daniel


I don’t support that the Federal Government of Nigeria puts its money in Film Village in Kano. A lot of Muslims up north are already against it and Kano is too volatile for such. Kano is too prone to mayhem. The Federal Government should have situated the Film School in more hospitable clime so that it benefits all Nigerians, somewhere around the FCT, Nassarawa State or Benue State. Kano is not a friendly place at all when it comes to entertainment which most Islamic clerics see as haram and considering the influence of haramites up North, it is a bad decision by the Federal Government.

Most of the movie makers and writers were persecuted by Kano State government during the era of Shekarau. State TV stations are forced to show religious programs more than entertainment that is haram to sizable numbers of people. The State doesn’t appreciate the achievements of Kannywood and most of the awards, honors and accolades given to these actors and movie makers are done elsewhere and not around Kano.

Since this issue came up, majority of Muslim in the north have been complaining on social media.

The Federal Government of Muhammadu Buhari should please rethink and cancel this whole Film Village project in Kano. It is not safe at all as it would be a target of religious fanatics anytime there is one of the numerous religious crisis that has become the trademark of Kano.

Those of you who are against the film village in Kano, you are right. Please go to the streets and protest and tell Buhari to take it elsewhere, maybe Benue, such is not haram in my place.


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