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Of Backdoor Recruitments and their Defenders, By Gimba Kakanda


Of Backdoor Recruitments and their Defenders, By Gimba Kakanda


It’s understandable when already gainfully employed people don’t see anything wrong with employment scams, of which CBN and FIRS have been found evidently guilty.

What I do not understand are the job-seekers from a disadvantaged class who don’t see anything wrong with children and relatives of powerful politicians and industrialists getting jobs meant for all, with the primary criterion for employment being “connection” – recommendation. And then a mock test and screening to make it seem legitimate!

My explanation for this Stockholm Syndrome is the people’s partisan allegiance, that faulting a position of the government they fought to elect ridicules their electoral choices. But it’s not, it actually means you’re not indoctrinated by an insidious political ideology. It’s Civics!

On WhatsApp last night, I had a chat with a friend, a job-seeker whose justification of the nepotistic recruitments astonished me. He graduated with small fraction short of a First Class in Economics, and then started Masters he abandoned for lack of funds. I reminded him of our mutual friend, a less qualified and uninspiring character who got a job in one of the scams as a part of a certain politician’s slots.

Since he’s from the same Local Government Area as the beneficiary, I said, if a test is conducted for the people of their locality,there’s no way he wouldn’t be selected over the fortunate fellow.

At the end of our discussion, frustrated, I annoyed him by attributing his inability to secure a decent job these past years to his reasoning. No serious organisation will appreciate the intellect of someone who exhibits such poor sense of reasoning and evaluation and ridiculous symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome.

“Don’t let your reasoning go with your hairline,” I wrote, ending the chat.


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