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AKUYA CONTRACT, by Hassan Mohammed


AKUYA CONTRACT, by Hassan Mohammed


So, mission accomplished in the land of dukunu. A day of noise making over. I now know that I’m back and also almost as fit as 19-B4-B4. Rest a bit. Heading back home in the asuba. But before then, I’m reading all these funny funny stories.


My favourite today is that of that state we gave independence from our state. I read they purchased a group of 702 golden goats at N102million to help some women in the state fight poverty. That is N145,000 per goat.

Borrowing from Sir Peteru, I’ll say that goats sell for about N15,000 to N25,000 depending on the size of the goat. Now, even at N30,000, the amount spent to buy 702 goats will be about N21 million. That means the balance of N81 million is for the yams in the goats.

And then I read also that some very wise people tried to explain this akuya contract as a joint initiative with CBN and I laugh more. They said it is not 700 akuya. It is about 4,500. I laugh. So, you are giving some women 3 goats to rear at N13,000 each? Okay, these goats will eat? No?

Oh, they will eat? If that is the case, are they lost on the fact that these women are not herders or Gypsies who usually go from one bush to another, and if the goats must they eat, they have to be buying what we call “harawa” (dry grass) and “dusa” (chaff) virtually everyday to feed them?

On average, that is about N100 for the 3 goats daily, or N3,000 monthly or N39,000 in the 13 months. Now let’s assume it is even N50 daily, that is N18,500. Where will the women who are the targets of empowerment get that kind of money?

If you really want to empower women and alleviate poverty, must you create an avenue contract for the procurement of goats? Why not just give the women the N50,000 to start whatever business they want?

Abeg, make I go rest!

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