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Atiku and North East Presidency, by Yusuf Ali


Atiku and North East Presidency, by Yusuf Ali


yusuf ali

Yusuf Ali, is a journalist based in Abuja

His Excellency, Alh (Dr) Atiku Abubakar the former Vice President (Tutakin Adamawa) is one man whose name is ringing bells and hope for North East Presidency in APC in 2019 in the interest of peace, equity and social justice.

The North East has just gone through eight years of the worst possible form of insurrection through Boko Haram which ravaged the region leading to a humanitarian crisis of some sorts second to that of Syria. It will be wonderful to have the President come from the region in 2019, in much the same way as Goodluck Jonathan came from the Niger Delta, after years of debilitating militancy in the Niger Delta. Such magnanimous gestures from the Nigerian State to people suffering under militancy or insurgency helps to rapidly heal wounds and integrate people in those violated areas into the Nigerian Nation. However, that is not the only reason. A second, and even more important reason is that people from the zone best understand their social and economic realities and are in the best position to take action. Right now, no zone feels as marginalized as the North East. The ascendancy of an erudite, knowledgeable son of the North East as President, will not only heal the North East people of their sense of marginalisation over the years, but will bring out a new sense of nigerianness that is hopelessly lacking in the region. Having a President from the North East is so vital in helping to heal the pains of Boko Haram.

However, the greatest reason for someone from the North East to be President, is that someone very knowledgeable of the area, who can stand and speak with great authority, will know exactly the best way to deal with that situation permanently with coherent, comprehensive initiative to reconstruct the North East or rehabilitate the victims of insurgency and the re – integration of the region into the mainstream of the nation’s economy. We have to be careful in whom we choose and there is no one, more capable, more sensitive, more knowledgeable, more able to bring permanent peace than the man Atiku Abubakar the Turakin Adamawa. He is well prepared with a detailed manifesto to lead Nigeria to greatness.

There is hardly a thinking Nigerian who doubts Atiku’s unrivalled preparedness for the number one job. Since Awo, Atiku has remained the only presidential hopeful to have made personal commitment to the production of a detailed and comprehensive manifesto, plan of action and drawn up templates for comprehensive national development. Some people in the Niger Delta would not forget in a hurry that it was Atiku who first put forward the idea a Ministry of Niger Delta focused on infrastructural development in the region. Something that the North East urgently needs to address all the socio economic challenges facing the region.

Atiku’s deep knowledge of the North East, preparedness, detailed manifesto to fix Nigeria, no doubt, makes him an ideal candidate for the presidency from the North East. He has family and friends all over Nigeria which gives him strong nationwide credentials as a detriabalized Nigerian politician. There is no any politician in the North that matches the width and depth of Atiku’s knowledge, experience and qualifications, so if in the interest of equity, fairness and social justice, the North East is given the opportunity in 2019, as it should be, the automatic choice should be Atiku Abubakar.

Now let us look at the humanity and personality of Atiku. He is very simple and approachable. He reminds me so much of his patriotic and philanthropic activities all over Nigeria. He does not boasts of wealth or position, rather he boasts of social investments and businesses that created millions of jobs that brought succour to many communities in Nigeria today.


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