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PADDING: This Man Is Not A Hero, By George Onmonya Daniel


PADDING: This Man Is Not A Hero, By George Onmonya Daniel


This man is not a hero and we shouldn’t make him one. He has never been and will never be on this issue of padding. There is honour, even, among thieves and Jibrin has shown that even amongst thieves he has no honour. He is just a revenge seeking bitter player in the game of the throne and instead of stay calm and play the house of cards, he suddenly went berserk and started screaming ‘corruption, corruption, everywhere.’ Now who do you target than the ignorant social media mobs who in their illusive quest for change wants somebody or some people to be crushed? That’s the mentality of the mob, jungle justice.


Jibrin  and Dogara

Abdulmumin Jibrin, yes you, is just crying wolf because you lost out in this dirty game. Now you want the masses to hear your story Mr. Change man, the anti-corruption crusader. You guys have really abused the word ‘change’ as you do any political slogan. You people should be ashamed of yourselves that as young men who should help these old directionless men, you are only gunning for personal interests, selling out the masses who believed in you guys. I wish all of you, yes, you and Dogora and the rest, I hope Nigerians would not be gullible to allow you represent them in anything again, ever!

Being from the North, both of you, one expects you guys to do better. I still recall how the masses came out to risk their lives, both in your states, to vote this change. I can still see how they believed, believed so much they were ready and willing to kill anybody and group on their way, they were ready for war.

I was at the rally at Abuja, live, when then, the People’s General, as they nicknamed Buhari came to woo delegates. I saw the swarming crowd and it was not only awesome but scary. As I was taking pictures I saw a man, now not this regular Almajiri crowd, a man dressed up properly, responsible, perhaps in his mid or late thirties crying. He was saying quietly, “Baba, Baba, Sai Baba,” a grown up man in tears. I still have that image clearly in my head. In fact my friends on social media will remember this. I reported it.

The day President Buhari won that historic election, the moment Goodluck Jonathan called Mr. Buhari and conceded defeat, Abuja went off in flame of celebration, most of the people celebrating wildly, driving cars and screeching and endangering their lives were from the North. I was at Wuse 2 at Abuja to be part of the wild and reckless celebration.

I live with the poor people in Abuja, I cannot afford the unnecessarily expensive houses where the middle class live, and I tell you a lot of the Mai Shayi, Mai Ruwa, Beggars, and small people from the North who ‘patch life’ as they say in Nigeria, went to their states to vote.

A lot of the Southerners who took off from Abuja and other parts of the north did not run away because they wanted to go and vote, they ran away for their lives, just in case. The celebration went on for days in Abuja that it turned to nuisance. I was going to see my car repairer (mechanic) in Area 1, just after the Secreatariat and Dunamis church almost a week after the euphoria and I saw some Gwoza young men celebrating and hitting people’s car with their bare hands. It wasn’t funny.

I can go and on, until Baba was finally sworn in a month after it was celebration.

How can you see all this and instead of do one good thing for your people decided to rip them off? You people have no shame.

Now we are talking whether padding is corruption or not. If you pad the budget for the benefit of the Nigerian people you can proudly say padding is not corruption. I don’t think it is. But when you pad the budget, yes, add money here and here to loot, which I honey think is what Hon. Jibrin is talking about, then the best thing to do is to resign quietly. What I wouldn’t say is for Dogara to resign, if he wriggle out of this, let’s see how it goes. I think Dogara would win this one as the presidency is on his side.

For Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin, I think he is just a loser trying to bring down his colleagues. He is not hero, he is just a ratting vindictive loser desperate to get sympathy of the public writing stuffs on social media and tagging popular bloggers.

As for Dogara, I am not convinced he is not a crook. His only defense is that padding is not a crime. Look at us, look at Nigerians, do you think all of us are stupid? What about the allegation of channeling a borehole for your locality to your farm Dogara?

I got to go and rest. The doctor said I should rest but this drug is not making me sleep and I am not concentrating on Rio Olympics. Bye bye.





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