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Why Do They Hate Linda Ikeji So Much?


Why Do They Hate Linda Ikeji So Much?



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This is what is trending today on Facebook and on Twitter. Linda Ikeji, the CEO of Linda Ikeji blog just commented about Mark Zukerberg’s visit to Lagos. Mr. Zukerberg, the CEO of Facebook, sneaked quietly into Nigeria and it surprised Linda, but then one of her follower of Twitter lashed out “You think he’s like you? Lol you that can’t even go to your own house without taking 20 pictures for Instagram?” And this got many Nigerians lashing out at Linda Ikeji.

What did Linda Ikeji do to them? Most people who commented on social media seem to say Miss Linda is showy and even rude and arrogant. I will however publish two opposing views.

Ade Primus-Interperes wrote;

“She should calm down, that’s what people are saying.

She is not the only millionaire in Nigeria.

How come people have not reasoned it out that Linda has more enemies than a typical Nigerian showbiz /media millionaire?

Dapo, Dbanj I know personally is richer than Linda. Forget that the guy codes a lot. How come people are not envious of his success?

Tuface Idibia, I know, is far richer than Linda, how come people don’t envy him?

If we place Linda side by side with Genevieve Nnaji, I doubt if Linda is richer. Leave story oo, those who know this, would affirm what I am stating here.

Why are folks not envious of Genevieve? She does not put herself in the face of people.

Very soon, people would just get tired of the Linda drama and she would be worse for it. Nigerians can be funny.

No reasonable person hates Linda. But her style is a put off. I was a LIB-er until 2014. I don’t even open get blog anymore. I know hundreds of people who have stopped visiting her page. Multiply that scenario across Nigeria.

Even if you are successful in your trade, keep it low, so you can go higher. Its just simple wisdom.”

And Josephine Jo have it that;

“You can’t compare Kim Kardashian to Mark Zuckerberg . Kim Kardashian is promoting a brand, which is basically herself, her lifestyle, her appearance, where she goes, who she associates with etc. Sometimes people like her would tip off the press about their itinerary, the purpose of which is publicity and to make magazine covers. Without this kind of publicity, she will have no career. She has a brand and that brand is Kim Kardashian. One would argue that Linda Ikeji comes under this umbrella. Without her visibility, she won’t generate the interest for her blog. Mark Zuckerberg on the other hand does not need to publicise Facebook because it promotes itself. It’s a different kind of fame. Linda/Kim Kardashian will disappear tomorrow without self promotion. That’s the difference, I think. They are in different leagues.”

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