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Zamfara Blasphemy Killing And Boko Haram Mentality, By George Onmonya Daniel


Zamfara Blasphemy Killing And Boko Haram Mentality, By George Onmonya Daniel


Sometime yesterday a young man who was accused of blasphemy was beaten to stupor in Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara, in Zamfara State. He was accused by fellow students of saying nasty things about Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and mobs, some probably his friends, descended on him. Someone who knew the boy, some online media reported, a young man was from his tribe, named Tajudeen, decided to help the young man by taking him to the hospital. When the mobs realized that the young man was not dead, they descended on the home of the man who tried to save him, burnt his car and set the house he was staying ablaze with the occupants. In all the mobs roasted 8 people just like that.

But this is not new up North. In fact this has become a culture. Just some couple of weeks ago a woman was killed in Kano for alleged blasphemy. Even before Boko Haram a lot of people have been killed for some stupid reasons and the perpetrators almost always get away with it.  From the 9/11 massacre where Christians were killed because of the United States declaration of war on Afghanistan to Danish cartoon incident where a lot of Christians were killed in the north because some cartoonist cartooned Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), it has been from one senseless violence to another.

This is all embroiled in a very dangerous extremism behaviour that has its thinking from Boko Haram mentality. The Boko Haram mentality is actually very strong all over the north. The mentality of killing for Allah. When the federal government is de-radicalizing Boko Haram members they should also put on the back of their minds doing the same all over. It is not just Boko Haram members who need de-radicalization. Boko Haram mentality has permeated all over.

The north needs to talk to her people. This is one killing too many. These incessant killings if not stopped now by arresting all the culprits and punishing them severely to serve as deterrence would snowball into something else in the future.

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