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93 Days, The Story of How Ebola Entered Nigeria And Was Stopped Showing At Cinema


93 Days, The Story of How Ebola Entered Nigeria And Was Stopped Showing At Cinema


By George Onmonya Daniel

Steve Gukas “93 Days” premiered at Silvered Bird Cinema Abuja received a standing ovation. Crowd swarm around Mr.Gukas, the director, to shake his hand and congratulate him after the movie. When I went to watch the movie yesterday on invitation by Dimbo Atiya, another movie producer and director, I met Mr. Gukas looking simple you wouldn’t even know it is his movie and you may not take him seriously if you are someone like me who doesn’t watch Nigerian movie. I went in looking for faults and came out overwhelmed.

Steve Gukas “93 Days” is simply fantastic! Every patriotic Nigerian should go and watch it at Silver Bird galleria or anywhere it is showing. If you regret it please buzz me, I assure you I will refund your money.

It is the story of the Liberian Ebola infected fellow who escaped to Nigeria and later died at a hospital in Lagos infecting those who had contact directly and indirectly with him. It is the story of those who courageously made that enormous sacrifice that stopped one of the worst nightmare that would have befallen us as a nation. But it is not just the story, it is how well Steve Gukas directed all of it, the acting, the soundtrack, the suspense, the dialogue, it is everything. It is not just the best movie out of Nigeria but Africa. This film should be gunning for the Oscar award, yes Oscar, and I am not exaggerating, not one bit of exaggeration.

This is a film in the category of ‘Hotel Rwanda’ and the ‘The Last King Of Scotland.’ I have gone to watch movies severally at Silver Bird but I have never watched a movie that got a resounding ovation.

Nollywood need the likes of Steve Gukas, who is based in the United Kingdom. Nigeria need him. For me this film is better than Will Smith’s ‘Concoction.’ Someone should tell Lai Muhammad and the Minister of Tourism to go to Silver Bird and watch this movie, there is no honour you can do to Nigeria than telling this sad but beautiful story of heroism and telling it as Steve Gukas did is what is keeping me awake tonight to write this piece.

Dimbo Atiya, thanks for the invitation and getting my two friends two more tickets to watch this. Because I will never forget this movie I will never forget you. With this movie your friend Steve Gukas has put his name among legends in the movie world and this films deserves nothing but Oscar.

Don’t let anyone tell you this story. Go and watch it.


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