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A Professor Response To Blackmailing Agents Of Buhari Government


A Professor Response To Blackmailing Agents Of Buhari Government


Farooq Kperogi, author, newspaper columnist, grammar buff, editor, and blogger, Professor of Journalism and Emerging Media at Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, has written on his Facebook page about agents of Buhari government who are bent on tarnishing his image because of his criticism of some of the policies of the Buhari administration.

Professor Kperogi, US based lecturer, has been lambasted by die-hard supporters of President Buhari, for quoting Vanguard newspaper where a lecturer in the University of Ilorin had criticized Buhari for spending 6 million pounds on his expenses, that of his entourage on a medical treatment to London for an ear infection. When NEWISSUES reported the story on the 6 million pounds ear infection treatment, Garba Shehu, spokesperson to the president quickly responded saying the president spent less than $50,000.

Since this matter started 24 hours ago, aggressive and angry Buhari supporters on social media have targeted Professor Kperogi. This is his response:

I just woke up here, and my attention has been called to the latest vicious blackmail against me by stealth agents of the Buhari government who are discomfited by my relentless campaign to hold them accountable to their promises. They said the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, where I taught for a brief moment before I relocated to the US, paid for my masters and PhD education in the US, and that I refused to return to the school upon completion of my studies. That’s flat-out false. My master’s degree was paid for entirely by the University of Louisiana. I got a full tuition waiver and a monthly stipend for my duties as a graduate teaching assistant while I was a student there. Professor Ty Adams was the graduate director of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Communication Department when I was there. He was also my master’s thesis supervisor. He can confirm that no institution from Nigeria ever paid a dime on my behalf to the university. Professor Philip Auter is the current graduate director (and a member of my thesis committee) and can confirm that as well. I sold my car to Abdullahi M. Gulloma to pay for a part of my airfare to Louisiana in 2004. My late wife, Zainab (may her soul rest in peace), paid the other half of the fare. I also took a personal loan from Hajia Zainab Suleiman Okino to complement what I had. For my PhD at Georgia State University, I also had a full tuition waiver and a monthly stipend, and was a graduate teaching instructor. ProfessorMichael Lane Bruner was the graduate director when I enrolled for my PhD, and he can confirm that no institution from Nigeria ever paid a dime on my behalf. He was also my doctoral dissertation director. Professor David Cheshier was chair of the department, and he can be contacted to confirm my claims. So can Emeritus Professor Leonard Teel with whom I worked at the Center for International Media Education and who also served on my doctoral dissertation committee. When I get a moment, I will share my acceptance letters from both universities. Bring on the next blackmail, and I am ready for you. Didn’t they also lie that my friend Pius Adesanmi is critical of the Buhari government because his request to write Buhari’s biography was spurned? Hahaha! These people are incompetent in everything, including telling lies! I won’t ever give up my advocacy for transparency and good governance in Nigeria, no matter who is in power, and however much muck is thrown at me by this government and its agents.

Professor Farooq Kperogi


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