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How Medicine Could Defy Technology But Loose The ‘Human’, By Nuruddeen Muhammad


How Medicine Could Defy Technology But Loose The ‘Human’, By Nuruddeen Muhammad



By Nuruddeen Muhammad

Despite the fascination of the society with high end gadgets, and the excitement the use of technology in diagnoses had generated in us, I still firmly hold to the conservative belive that Medicare would remain the only territoy that might defy ‘apps’ and ‘soft wares’.. Technology can neither match the Physician’s inquisitive mind, hyperactive eyes and sensative acoustics, trained in both the pure and applied sciences, the art of history taking, patient’s examination and the abstract analysis of both, nor replace his knowledge of psychology, and other social sciences that are all summoned to diagnose and manage each individual patient. Bearing in mind that each patient is unique and requires both individualised attention and application of knowledge

Caregivers in Nigeria however might require certain empathy building techniques and should pay more than a passing àttention to the soul and mind, which as it were houses the person that they seek to treat. We so often ignore the mind as Doctors, not because we didn’t know it exists or doubt it’s influence in health and sickness, but because we are ignorant of it. Our clients are not all about organs we can only see and touch. Infact, that human part which chose to remains abstract; the mind, has overriding jurisdiction over everything that is real in humans and beyond.

Everyday spirituality that we take for granted in this part of the world is receiving serious attention elsewhere(where it is in decline) as par its role in disease and healing. Most spiritual individuals meditate through prayers and other prescribed rituals. And meditation or it’s application is a validated psychological treatment model in not an insignificant aspects of psychotherapeutics. The mere beleive in a ‘higher’ being expressed in whatever spirituality is positive predictor of outcomes in most mental afflictions

This view do not intend to in any way diminish the contribution of technology in both diagnosis and therapeutics, but rather emphasises that human aspect of Medicine. Yes technology all the way, but please spare me the good old doctor and his stethoscope, who shall in turn use it to listen to the mind as well

Happy Sallah in advance


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