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Nigerians Blast Buhari, APC, ‘Change Begin With Me’ Launched Campaign


Nigerians Blast Buhari, APC, ‘Change Begin With Me’ Launched Campaign


Nigerians are not happy with the ‘Change Begin With You’ campaign launched yesterday the Minister of Information and Culture under the National Orientation Agency in which President Muhammadu Buhari gave the keynote speech in person at the event as they see it as a ploy not to fulfill the promises made to the Nigerian people during the campaign.

Professor Farooq Kperogi, a US based University lecturer and the popular Note from Atlanta column on Weekly Trust newspaper has this to say about it:

The new “Change Begins with Me” campaign has provided the most definitive evidentiary proof yet that the Buhari government is one giant bait-and-switch scam. Bait-and-switch scams are kinds of confidence tricks where unsuspecting customers are lured into (or “baited” to) an attractive, often too-good-to-be-true, offers. Once the customers’ interest is sufficiently piqued, sustained, and won over, the terms of the offer change (or “switch”). Buhari and APC baited Nigerians with a promise to “change” the country. After Nigerians swallowed the bait and voted them into power, Buhari and APC have “switched” and now say the “change” begins with everyday Nigerians who voted them into power, not they who promised it. That’s straight-up dupery. So next time overfed, recession-proof, morally bankrupt bureaucrats—or their unthinking automatons— tell you that change begins with you, not the current government that rode to power on the strength of its promise to bring about “change,” tell them they’re shameless bait-and-switch scammers! 


Professor Kperogi concluded his short write up on Facebook with redesigning the logo of the “Change Begins With Me” logo. 

On the other hand, Gimba Kakanda see it as Buhari’s ploy to change the change in promised Nigerians in a brief article he posted on Facebook.

Buhari’s Ploy to Change the Change

“In other words, before you ask ‘Where is the change they promised us?’, you must first ask, ‘How far have I changed my ways?” ~ President Muhammadu Buhari

That’s what our president said in launching a social orientation programme called #ChangeBeginsWithMe, which is a grand scam that may further give him more excuses to skip more electoral promises, that he fails to deliver as promised because the citizens didn’t change.

Our President may down in history as just another politician. This isn’t because of denials of his party’s widely shared manifesto, reversal of too many promised policies or refusal to reverse or correct recruitment scams brought to his attention. This also isn’t because of his administration’s inability to explain why Nigeria slumped into recession with the decline of a sector that contributed only 15% of the GDP. Neither is it because the nation’s non-oil exports have dropped by 43% for a government that claims to have been diversifying.

It’s because of his already failed ploy to redefine the word “change” as used by them in their campaigns. The change promised by the APC is intended to begin with President Muhammadu Buhari. He’s to lead and inspire a generation by giving them a functional nation to strive to change their realities.

CHANGE begins with having stable power supply, equipped and upgraded hospitals, developed road infrastructure, rehabilitated schools, countered nepotism, defeated crony capitalism… Yes, you don’t need a witchdoctor to understand that the change promised by the APC means overturning our social conditions.

Our people are hungry, forex is unstable, businesses are collapsing, and instead of changing their conditions, the government is shamelessly telling them that change begins with them. What the hungry citizens need isn’t an inspiration, what they need is an favourable economy to stay alive.

To say #ChangeBeginsWithMe when inflation is on autopilot is an understating of the nation’s reality, it’s a state-authorised insult. Change means an improvement in our social conditions, and we will never let the President CHANGE the CHANGE!

Several people who commented on Facebook and on Twitter are not taking the president and the APC seriously on this. These are some of the comments.

Abdullahi Mohammed wrote “One of the most ill conceived and ill advised step my PMB indeed!”

Abdullahi Yahaya Na’Aisa, “Scam indeed! I don’t know when this government will use its brain to think and save Nigerians the pains of having to bash them all the time.”

Sesugh Akume#ChangeBeginsWithPMB

Isah Haruna Babsyinfact they’re abusing our sensitivities with more politics jargons in order to assuage and divert attentions. insha-a allaah 2019.

Eziama Zizi UbachukwuI don’t know how the “The Change Begins With Me” campaign of Buhari’s admin started, but I know that the book on which it is (largely?) based, written by Ikenna Christian Okoli, predated these government antics. Therefore, the lessons to be gotten from the campaign, if it follows the book as it should, will *not* favour a malicious redefinition of “change”. I know that the book places as much burden on the administration as it does on the citizens, and it’s a tandem affair — nobody waits for the other to change first. However, knowing how APC has been, I daresay the government would leave the buck entirely to the citizens and then have the chance to blame them for government’s failures. It’s gonna be a nice way to implicate and incriminate Nigerians. Should I say let’s hope for the best?


Bobby ChristopherChange comes with leadership , good leadership influences the people positively therefore government is responsible in leading and directing the change!

Hussaini Uthman MuhammadThe only change we can offer them is to begin to tell them the truth. Let them hear OUR voice. Lets all change our attitude and begin to ask them questions.
They are however those who support the Change Begins With Me initiative of the administration, stating that people must change their attitude before real change happens. However the loudest voice are those who say if the government changes it would trickle down to the people.
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