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Nigerians Complain About President Buhari Taking Daughters To UN Assembly Despite Recession


Nigerians Complain About President Buhari Taking Daughters To UN Assembly Despite Recession


Nigerians are complaining over President Muhammadu Buhari taking large entourage to the United Nation General Assembly and are outraged at his taking his daughters with him despite recession that is biting hard in the country. This issue is trending on Facebook and Twitter.

Kennedy Emetulu  has this to say, “Let me say this and say it boldly: If there are still people genuinely reading President Buhari’s body language who are still convinced that he is interested in actually doing anything by way of real productive governance to get Nigeria out of the pickle it is in presently, such persons need their heads examined.
What serious leader, in the situation we are in now, will leave for such a formal meeting as the annual UN meeting with such a huge entourage, complete with his wife and children? No, this man has not returned to power to turn our country around for the better. He’s come back for a four-year vacation in the first instance at the expense of our nation and our long-suffering people. It doesn’t matter the state of our economy, Buhari is invested in sucking the nation dry with his love of waste and frivolities! And, of course, no one is calling him to order because those who should do so institutionally are all in on the jamboree!
As far as the Lord of Heavens lives, as far as that God sees Nigeria and hears the voice of the voiceless, as far as the blood of the Innocents continues to call to Him for justice even from the deepest and darkest part of their graves, He will hear and save our nation from these rapacious philistines! God bless Nigeria.

Mr. Dimbo Atiya has this to say, “what I don’t get is why travel with 20 women on your entourage, and you carried your two daughters to attend the UN General assembly. Is this a holiday trip or what? When you guys cry with one side of the mouth BROKE! BROKE!! RECESSION! PAST GOVERNMENT bla bla bla, you still are able to afford this much entourage to a UN General Assembly.”

Yemi Kehinde Ariye has this to say, “I can understand when people criticise leaders but what I don’t understand is why leaders deliberately expose themselves to criticism. Zara and Halima Buhari have no business joining the delegation to the UN except if they travelled on their own arrangements.”

Collins Eze  wrote, “108 member delegation on tax payers. Jamboree in recession.”
Emmanuel Luka Gish  wrote, “Nigerian presidency is now a dynasty. PMB carey Crown Prince n princess follow body go UNGA.”
Jibraan Khaleel Jibraan wrote “Its a free ride, even the ‘First-Daughters” want awoof. With their papa president blocking any possible source of “chuwa-chuwa”.”
Tukur Garba Akla Gunda wrote, “I like Oga Ephraim who understands “turn by turn”
Another thing is people forget that absolute power (especially financial) corrupts absolutely.”
Raymond Okoye wrote “Change begins with me indeed.”
Deborah Nzem Nyam wrote,  “I jst tire fr dis govt! Is d UN assembly child’s play dt evn their daughters children attend?”
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1 Comment

  1. Chukwuma Nwankwo Kalu

    September 22, 2016 at 6:49 am

    Possible looking for a husband for the daughter

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