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Interview: We Overrated Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s Intelligence -John Danfulani (Ph.D)


Interview: We Overrated Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s Intelligence -John Danfulani (Ph.D)


George Onmonya Daniel spoke to Dr. John Danfulani on the state of affairs in Kaduna State. And Dr. Danfulani has this to say. 


“Mr.El-rufa’i doesn’t have the knowledge of some basic administrative and physical security management. The success recorded on cattle Rustlers came because it was a joined security strategy with others governors.On Southern Kaduna killings, I think he lacks the capacity to even understand what is happening let alone proffer solution to the pogrom.”

NEWISSUES: Ok, Let me start from the beginning. You were a strong supporter of the APC, you campaigned for them and you were at the forefront of the campaign. All that changed shortly after the APC victory in Kaduna State and at the national level. What happened?

John DanfulaniSure in 2015 I supported APC in Kaduna State.My support stemmed from the lackadaisical attitude of Governor Yero and his men in the loop. Yero was unable to continue with project flagged off by Governor Yakowa etc. But after victory APC government under El-rufa’i betrayed the social contract entered with the good people of Kaduna.Because I’m for social justice and accountable leadership I went back to the trenches.

 NEWISSUES: You were one time being accused of trying to cause problem by inciting the public because of something you wrote on Facebook? What was that all about?
John DanfulaniTheir allegations were knocked off by a judge in the court of law.The allegation was part of their playbook strategy of gagging freedom of expression and liberty. Look at what happened to others after me. A Sokapu youth leader was arrested and charged,a journalist was also jailed for days,and recently Shiites issue. Freedom and democracy are under lethal threats in kaduna state.
NEWISSUES: What were your expectations from the Governor Nasir El-Rufai and APC government in Kaduna State?
John DanfulaniTotal disaster.We overrated his intelligence and capacity.He is the worst Governor ever elected or appointed in the history of our state. He is clueless, visionless, directionless, and a dictator who is covering his weaknesses with brutality.
NEWISSUES: When Nasir El-Rufai became governor, he immediately ensured the police and army went after Cattle Rustlers. One would think the herdsmen and communities crisis in Southern Kaduna would be over now since in El-Rufai’s opinion and views of some people, it all has to do with cattle theft. What is going on?
John DanfulaniMr.El-rufa’i doesn’t have the knowledge of some basic administrative and physical security management. The success recorded on cattle Rustlers came because it was a joined security strategy with others governors.On Southern Kaduna killings, I think he lacks the capacity to even understand what is happening let alone proffer solution to the pogrom.There is a genocide going on SK, unfortunately the whole world is pretending not to see or hear it.I want a state of emergency in Kaduna state because the Governor has demonstrated gross incompetence in discharging the chief role of government which is safeguarding lives and property of citizens or people under their jurisdiction
NEWISSUES, Abuja: What do you think is the reason why this problem has continued incessantly and it isn’t given much attention like when it happens in other states?
John DanfulaniBecause Southern Kaduna have always been considered less humans. If it were others, governments would have proffer a solution to the killings.One thing must be borne at heart,we have the capacity defend ourselves but the law that barred citizens from bearing arms is our major problem.Lest you forget, we were never conquered by any local or international force before the arrival of the colonial masters.But there is a limit to which a people can accommodate genocide.
NEWISSUES: What has the Senator representing Kaduna South been saying about this? I noticed even Senator Shehu Sani who claimed to have been in the center of the 21 Chibok girls released by Boko Haram hasn’t been talking on the Southern Kaduna killings?
John DanfulaniI vowed not to comment on Senator Danjuma Laah because I took time campaigning against him because of my knowledge of his capacity.I still want to stand by my vow. Sen. Sani is from the central and doing very well for his people.His quality of representation is unmatched. And I don’t know whether our people or senator has solicited for his support on this or any other matter affecting Southern Kaduna. At a personal level, we have talked on this matter severally and he is quite supportive.
NEWISSUES: What’s your view of how the Federal Government and Kaduna State government has handled the Shiite issue that led to the recent pogrom that escalated to some other states in the north?
John DanfulaniFGN and KDSG treatment of Shiites was undemocratic and dictatorial. Freedom of worship and association are natural rights given by God. So outlawing them under the pretext of no registration is laughable and silly.How many religious groups have registration? How many groups don’t obstruct traffic while worshipping? What they are accusing the Shiites of others are doing it,daily. Look at what happened to them a day after the illegal ban. Other sects killed them and looted their properties. Was anybody arrested? They must not drag Nigeria into something we don’t know or want. Shiites are peaceful people and well discipline people.
NEWISSUES: You are one of the most popular people on social media in Nigeria today. How can we use the social media to change the country? Do you think the social media can do just that?
John DanfulaniHahaha don’t flatter me. Anyway, social media is the newest medium of transmitting ideas and mobilization. Apart from its swiftness in information dissemination it’s also the cheapest means of communication.Well, I think Social Media will play a vital role in economic, social and political spheres of our lives. Even now, social media are playing a leading role in the fight against corruption, executive rascality,and suppression of rights of citizens.
NEWISSUES: Mr. John Danfulani, a lot of people want to know why you resigned from Kaduna State University (KASU). It obviously has to do with your criticism of the Nasir El-Rufai’s government
John DanfulaniKASU tried to seal my lips to make Governor El-rufa’i happy.They started by issuing a query to me alleging that I made an update on social media that ran contrary to some sections of KASU STAFF WORKING CONDITION. I replied their query within the 48hrs given and have three acknowledgements.Despite that, I was suspended for not answering their query. On receiving their suspension letter I wen to industrial court for arbitration. They raised a preliminary objection but the court overruled them.Because I don’t have much time to waste and love my freedom, I simply put up a resignation letter because it’s clear that KASU isn’t ready to respect freedom and liberty of its staff.Some can take that but I can’t. The dictator in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House isn’t ready to hear any voice of dissent.
NEWISSUES: And lastly sir, for those who would want to know about you, can you please tell us about you? I mean where you were born, where you went to school and all what you are doing right now?
John DanfulaniI was born in a village called Awon in Kachia LGA of Kaduna State. I went to GSS Kachia, College of Advanced Studies Zaria(IJMB),ABU Zaria(Bsc),UniJos(MSC)and UniAbuja(Ph.D). All my three degrees are in International Relations. I’m an evangelical Christian and a progressive socialist in the mold of Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega,Evo Morales,Manuel Zalaya and other Latin and South American leaders.
NEWISSUES: Thank you for your time and for talking to NEWISSUES magazine

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