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I said some time ago that one major albatross to all governments from August 1985 till date (with the exception of June 1998 to May 1999) are the people that occupy that office of First Lady. I also said that unless Baba reign in on his exuberant wife, she will be worst, even in her position as “Wife of the President”. In fact, when I said that she is a tamed loose canon waiting to explode if care is not taken, some took exception to my position and use of words.

Now she has taken a new position, criticising her husband in in public. If we have had a solid opposition they would have taken her words in that BBC Hausa interview and scuttle her husband’s efforts or his presidency. But the opposition is made up of feckless people who are afraid of prosecution for the vast amount of money they allegedly stole from the Nigerian state. They rather sit and watch and pay people to make noise on their behalf on social media than do the actual job of opposition.

The woman was clearly inarticulately complaining of the appointments of people into Baba’s government who did not “suffer” for APC or along with her husband in his struggles. Some of them don’t even have voters card, let alone vote, she said, which is why she thinks the government is not performing as expected. They have nothing at stake.

She fears that the poor who line up under the sun for hours to vote for Baba will eventually revolt if the promised change is not delivered. I like that she is thinking that. But I have problem with her approach. All these were said in an interview on an international radio station.

Now it is open season. Everyone is coming up with his or her views as to what she was trying to say and whether she was right or wrong. Her lack of fluency in Hausa did not help.

Some said she is right to grant such interview, in the manner. She was brave, they said. I think not. This is the kind of talk that is reserved for opposition and public analysts. She has opened the man to barrage of attacks. This woman shares same bed with this man, inches away from his ears for at least 5 hours daily. What stops her from telling him her mind there?

Some claim that she is mad at the old man because he said if there is evidence that anyone in his government, including his children, is involved in corrupt activities should be handed to EFCC. And that she knows that the man will not flinch one bit in handing her kids to the police/EFCC.

Some others said it is just a gambit. The presidency put her up to do that so that if things actually did not work, they have an excuse. There were saboteurs in the government. Some said she is only disgruntled that, not only did the man ignore those that “suffered for him, he also ignored all the nominations she made”, and so she is talking in public.

I’m wondering if she doesn’t know that some people are meant for politicking while others are meant for management. There are people who help win elections. There are people who are not politicians but will be ones to help government perform. Some do both, others are only good at one. And may be the old man may have learnt that in his leadership classes in the military. He may have learn that you cannot have a government purely politicians.

This, to me, is a new low. First thing first, the next time she is discussing national matters, if she has to, she must speak in English or her own Fulani language. She is not really grounded in Hausa. Keep her away from microphones or microphones away from her. Importantly, she should keep to herself, keep quiet and be the man’s best counsel, whenever and wherever they are together. She is in a unique position to advice the man, not make him look out of control.

At the moment, I think she is all over the map not sure what she wants. She clearly want to be First Lady and not just Wife of the President. If she wants to be APC Women Leader or run for office, she should do so. Nothing stops her. She clearly wants to have power, the kind her predecessors had. May be. She wants a herd of women following her about like her predecessors. But seems the leash is too tight. She should free herself and run for office or stop running the husband down in public.

As for those shouting she is right, forget the media for a moment. Imagine your wife talking about how you run your house or office at a saloon or wedding reception. Not even too much criticism. Just talking. Or imagine your husband talking about your failings at home or at work at a club. Now, imagine if either of you is negatively saying things about each the other to the listening of your rivals, your enemies, which they will use against you in the future. And then think of that management philosophy that “if you can’t control your family/house, you can’t a market”.

And I wonder what all die-hard supporters who waste no time attacking people who criticize Baba Dogo will be feeling right now.

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