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Most of The Chibok Girls Realeased Had Babies

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Most of The Chibok Girls Realeased Had Babies


A source in Maiduguri has confirmed to NEWISSUES that most of the 21 Chibok girls released to the government in a negotiation brokered by the Red Cross and the Swiss government had babies. Boko Haram had since their kidnap from their school in the town of Chibok bragged that they were married to their soldiers when some have been sold out. In one video Shiekh Shekau screamed, “Sell, sell, sell,” making emphasis that he had sold some of the girls.

But since the Nigerian Army successive victory over the terror group since President Muhammadu Buhari came to power, the terrorist group have been talking about negotiation. In a recent video, Shekau said that he would only negotiate if their people in custody of the government are released.

The 21 are said to be among the 276 girls that Boko Haram militants herded from bed in the middle of the night at a school in northern Nigeria in April 2014 — a kidnapping that spurred global outrage.
As many as 57 girls escaped almost immediately, but scores remain missing. Thursday’s release is the largest group believed freed since the girls were kidnapped two years ago.
The girls are presently in Abuja.


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