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Nigerians Condemn President Buhari For “Wife Belong To Kitchen” Gaucherie


Nigerians Condemn President Buhari For “Wife Belong To Kitchen” Gaucherie


A lot of Nigerians are outraged at President Buhari’s “wife belongs to kitchen” speech in Germany standing right in front of the most powerful woman in the world, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. President Buhari shocked the nation when he laughed and told the world his wife belongs to the kitchen and his bedroom and the other room, because few days ago in a BBC Hausa interview she expressed her grievances that some people have hijacked the government from her husband because her husband does not know 45 out of 50 people he employed.

Mr. Garba Shehu, the spokesman to the president is cornered into making this statement on Twitter that it was all humour but it is not funny to most Nigerians who see this as an embarrassment to the nation. Mr. Buhari has continued to be a Public Relations disaster anytime he travels out of the country and talks to the media.

After his “I belong to no one, I belong to everyone” inauguration speech, Mr. Buhari went to the United States and announced that he would only appoint people from the section that voted him into his power. He has been accused by some sections of the country and even today a lot people in the nation see his appointment as tilted towards one area, his area in the north. Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the north also accused him of appointing mostly Muslims and neglecting Christians in the North.

President Buhari’s wife in the interview with the BBC looks like she was trying to defend her husband but couldn’t handle the media and the message was all twisted. Angry Buhari supporters have been calling her names all day on social media, but the wife of the president as her husband prefer her to be referred to instead of the first lady is getting some sympathy after the “My wife belongs to kitchen speech.”

Aisha Buhari was instrumental in the campaign that brought President Buhari to power. She was not known until the election campaign of 2014 and she never came out during previous Mr. Buhari’s campaigns years before.



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1 Comment

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